(a)   The right of a person to a pension, to the return of accumulated contributions, the pension itself, any optional benefit, and any other right accrued or accruing to any member, retirant or beneficiary under the provisions of the retirement plan, and any monies belonging to the retirement system shall not be subject to execution, garnishment, attachment, the operation of bankruptcy or insolvency law, or any law or any other process of law whatsoever, and shall be unassignable, except that a member may make voluntary assignment of his or her accumulated contributions to the municipal employees credit union as security for a loan or loans; provided, that the City and Hurley Medical Center shall have a right to set off from any member’s accumulated contributions at the time of termination of employment, for any money owed by the member to either Hurley Medical Center or the City, whether from nonpayment of a debt to Hurley Medical Center or the City, for any overpayment in final wages and fringe benefit payoffs made as a result of termination of employment. Provided also, that the City and Hurley Medical Center shall have the right to set off for any claim arising from embezzlement by or fraud of a member.
   (b)   Any retirant or beneficiary may authorize to have deducted from his or her pension those sums of money necessary to provide his or her membership in any fund or plan acceptable to the Board of Trustees, provided that the authorization to deduct is in writing and that notice of termination of the deduction shall be given to the Board in writing.
(Ord. 1860, passed 8-16-1965; Ord. 2457, passed 10-7-1974; Ord. 2842, passed 7-26-1982)