34.001   Fund for the operation of the solid waste disposal service program
   34.002   Non-reverting fund for Duncil Drive
   34.003   Non-reverting fund for relocation of Hamburg Pike
   34.004   Non-reverting Sheriff’s Public Relations Fund
   34.005   1987 Tax Sale Non-reverting Fund
   34.006   Non-reverting fund for improvement of Bean Road and Utica-Sellersburg Road
   34.007   Non-reverting fund for delinquent tax charges
   34.008   Landowner’s liability and contingency fund
   34.009   Judicial Computer Operations Fund
   34.010   Fund for miscellaneous grants awarded to the Juvenile Detention Center
   34.011   Riverboat Gaming Receipt Fund
   34.012   Building and Long-Range Contingency Fund
   34.013   Sheriff’s Department Expense and Seizure Fund
   34.014   Wilson Switch Road Basic Maintenance Fund
   34.015   Solid Waste Permit and Bond Fund
   34.016   Closure and Post-Closure Fund
   34.017   Landfill Improvements Fund
   34.018   Landfill Insurance Fund
   34.019   Long Range Economic Development and Maintenance Fund
   34.020   Donation Fund A
   34.021   Donation Fund B
   34.022   Copy Fund
   34.023   Auditor’s Endorsement Fund
   34.024   Tax Sale Contractual Fund
   34.025   Sheriff’s Community Relations Fund
   34.026   Indiana Fingerprint Fund
   34.027   Indiana Computer Revenue Fund
   34.028   Corrections Fund
   34.029   Infraction User Fee Fund
   34.030   Tax Sale Legal Fee Fund
   34.031   Drug Court User Fee Fund
   34.032   Non-reverting Health Insurance Fund
   34.033   Law Enforcement Fund
   34.034   Community Corrections Advisory Board Fund
   34.035   Highway Department Developer Road Improvement Fund
   34.036   Casa/Guardian Ad Litem Fund
   34.037   County Jail Construction and Renovation Fund
   34.038   Extended Operating Hours Fund
   34.039   Jail Medical Fund
   34.040   Soil and Water Conservation District Non-reverting Fund
   34.041   Non-reverting fund for County Cemetery Commission
   34.042   Non-reverting fund for permit fees and bonds
   34.043   Court Local Change Fund No. 2
   34.044   Community Transition Program Fund
   34.045   Non-reverting fund to support “Help America Vote Act”
   34.046   Drug-Free Community Grant Fund
   34.047   Supplemental redevelopment and planning fund
   34.048   Adult Facilities Usage Fund
   34.049   Sheriff Local Foreclosure Services Fund
   34.050   Rainy Day Fund
   34.051   Local Aviation Grant Tracking Fund
   34.052   Sheriff’s Restitution Fund
   34.053   Fund for supporting the County Severe Weather Warning System
   34.054   Non-reverting fund for reimbursements from state to office of Public Defender
   34.055   Information Technology Fund Grant Fund for use and benefit of the County Health Department
   34.056   Landfill Expansion Project Non-reverting Fund
   34.057   Non-reverting fund for deposit of funds and disbursement of costs and distributions related to the Commissioner’s tax sale held between March 3 and 14
   34.058   Non-reverting fund for deposit of donation and grant funds to county
   34.059   Non-reverting fund for deposit of certain funds
   34.060   Non-reverting fund for benefit of county Prosecuting Attorney
   34.061   County Prosecuting Attorney Pretrial Diversion Program Non-Reverting Fund
   34.062   Salem-Noble Road Construction Fund
   34.063   Subdivision Performance Assurance Fund
   34.064   Sheriff’s Department Pension Trust Fund
   34.065   E911 System Employee Benefit Fund
   34.066   Cumulative Bridge Fund
   34.067   Cumulative Capital Development Fund
   34.068   Information Technology Fund
   34.069   Non-reverting fund for deposit/disbursement of funds from administrative fees collected by consolidated Probation Department
   34.070   Non-reverting fund for deposit and disbursement of funds related to the probation user fees collected by consolidated Probation Department
   34.072   Fund for 2011 County Employee Health Insurance Rebate
   34.073   Sex and Violent Offender Administration Fund
   34.074   Fund Number 4934 - 911 LOIT
   34.075   Non-Reverting Fund Number 4961 - Consolidated E911 Initial Outlays
   34.076   Fund Number 4962 - Juvenile Detention Center H.I.P.
   34.077   Fund Number 4963 - Clark County Clerk's Copy Fund
   34.078   Fund Number 4964 - Enhanced GIS Access Services Fund