Public Works Funds and Accounts
   35.01   Concession Funds
   35.02   Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education and Prevention Fund
   35.03   Landfill Cost Fund
   35.04   Transit Fund
   35.05   Accident Report Account; fees
   35.06   Petty Cash Fund
   35.07   SMSU On-Line Account
   35.08   Sidewalk Fund
   35.09   Transit Operational Reserve Fund
Parks and Recreation Funds and Accounts
   35.13   Skate Park Fund
   35.14   Trails Development Fund
   35.15   Department Petty Cash Fund
   35.16   League Fee Assessment Fund
   35.17   Community Center Maintenance and Utility Fund
   35.18   Bus Maintenance Account
   35.19   Non-Reverting Activity Fund
   35.20   [Reserved]
   35.21   Park and Recreation On-Line Account
Airport Funds
   35.30   Airport Railroad Maintenance Fund
   35.31   Municipal Airport Authority Concession Fund
   35.32   Freeman Army Air Field Museum Fund
Fire Department Funds
   35.45   Cumulative Fire Department Building, Equipment, and Firefighting Fund
   35.46   Hazardous Waste Clean-Up Fund
Police Department Funds
   35.60   Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund
   35.61   Police Equipment, Firearms Training, and Procedural Training Fund
   35.62   Forfeiture Fund
   35.63   Petty Cash Fund
   35.64   K-9 Fund
   35.65   D.A.R.E. Fund
   35.66   Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Fund
   35.67   Expenditure of confidential funds
   35.68   Police Department On-Line Account
General Funds
   35.80   City Promotional Fund
   35.81   Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund
   35.82   City Economic Development Commission Fund
   35.83   Cumulative Capital Development Fund
   35.84   Building Commissioner Unsafe Structures Fund
   35.85   Electrical Training Program Fund
   35.86   Grants Holding Fund
   35.87   Bond Construction Fund
   35.88   Additional funds
   35.89   Economic Development Income Tax Fund
   35.90   Rainy Day Fund
   35.91   Cumulative Building or Remodeling, Firefighting and Police Radio Fund
   35.92   LOIT Special Distribution Fund
   35.93   Planning and Zoning On-Line Account
   Non-reverting funds claims procedure, see § 30.40