(A)   The City Clerk-Treasurer is expressly authorized to establish, as a new and separate account, a Bus Maintenance Account.
   (B)   The City Clerk-Treasurer is expressly so authorized, empowered, and directed to deposit in this Account, as heretofore established, any and all donations as received by the Parks and Recreation Department, its servants, employees, and agents, or any other department or agency of the city, funds donated for the maintenance of the bus to be receipted into the Bus Maintenance Account, it being further directed that no monies received by the city from other sources shall be commingled therewith.
   (C)   After the Account is established, the City Clerk-Treasurer is expressly authorized to disburse from the account, on proper claims, approved by the Board of Public Works and Safety as other claims are approved, without specific appropriation thereof, the disbursements to be made only for the specific purpose, or purposes, of the fund.
(1987 Code, § 2-184) (Res. 9-78, passed 3-13-1978)