(A)   There shall be established a non-reverting funds claims procedure for all non-reverting funds maintained by the Clerk-Treasurer of the city, except for petty cash funds.
   (B)   Revenues from various sources that are accepted into the funds shall be subject to the following claims procedure.
   (C)   All expenditures from these funds shall first be approved utilizing the following procedure:
      (1)   The donor of any individual or corporate contribution shall receive a receipt from the appropriate department head or Clerk-Treasurer;
      (2)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall utilize the collection form specified by the state Board of Accounts;
      (3)   The expenditure shall be approved by the appropriate board or commission of the city;
      (4)   The expenditure shall then be approved by the Board of Public Works and Safety; and
      (5)   No expenditure shall be approved without submission of the proper claim form specified by the Clerk-Treasurer.
(Ord. 45, 2001, passed 12-10-2001; Am. Ord. 22, passed 11-28-2011)