(A)   There shall be established a non-reverting Municipal Airport Authority Concession Fund for receipt of monies from:
      (1)   Recyclable or scrap items set out by companies or persons for disposal or pick-up;
      (2)   Scrap metal from repairs and renovations at various sites and locations at Freeman Field Airport and Industrial Park; and
      (3)   Donations.
   (B)   Revenues from these sources shall be accepted into the non-reverting Municipal Airport Authority Concession Fund in which to place monies realized from this program by the Municipal Airport Authority.
   (C)   All monies received and spent will be for and on behalf of the Municipal Airport Authority, and used for providing food for city employees for Departmental functions, and other necessary items for workers during state of emergency working conditions and during education, safety, and training sessions and other work-related functions, or to be used as designated by the individual or corporate donor(s).
   (D)   All expenditures from this Fund shall first be approved utilizing the following procedure:
      (1)   The donor of any individual or corporate contribution shall receive a receipt from the Airport Manager or Clerk-Treasurer;
      (2)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall utilize the collection form specified by the state Board of Accounts;
      (3)   The expenditure shall be approved by the Municipal Airport Authority;
      (4)   The expenditure shall then be approved by the Board of Public Works and Safety; and
      (5)   No expenditure shall be approved without submission of the proper claim form specified by the Clerk-Treasurer.
(Ord. 30, 2001, passed 11-12-2001)