(A)   The procedure set out in this section shall be applicable to all expenditures by the Seymour Police Department that are needed in the course of criminal investigations to pay informants for information, make drug purchases, or other purchases in order to gather evidence to make an arrest. These procedures shall be used for all such expenditures, no matter the source of the monies that are being expended, including, but not limited to forfeiture funds, grant funds or tax funds.
   (B)   Appropriation for such purpose must be obtained in the manner authorized by state statutes.
   (C)   If petty cash funds are used, procedures set out in I.C. 36-1-8-3 must be followed.
   (D)   A minimum documentation procedure must be followed, similar to either:
      (1)   "Guidelines for the Expenditure of Confidential Funds," published by the U.S. Department of Criminal Justice, or
      (2)   "Guidelines for Obtaining and Accounting for Confidential Funds Used in Support of Criminal Investigations," (Revised S.O.P. PR-INV-0017), by the Indiana State Police Department.
(Ord. 7, 2017, passed 3-27-2017)