General Provisions
   51.001   Billing of water service to tenant in rental property
   51.002   Flooding of ice rinks; application
   51.003   Ground water as potable water supply
Extension of Water Mains
   51.015   Approval required for extensions
   51.016   Cost of extension
   51.017   Fee for new water service
   51.018   Application for water main extension; specifications; costs
   51.019   Bond required for installation or extension of water mains
   51.020   Specifications of appurtenances
   51.021   Location of mains
   51.022   Excavations
   51.023   Disturbance of street surface prohibited
   51.024   Inspections and tests of lines and fittings
   51.025   Backfill of trenches and other openings
Water Service Connections and Meters
   51.040   Meter requirements
   51.041   Meter reading
   51.042   Applying for water service
   51.043   Construction meters
   51.044   Payment for water service
   51.045   Disconnection and reconnection fees
   51.046   No water service
   51.047   Water usage
   51.048   Bankruptcy filings
Fire Hydrants
   51.060   Use of fire hydrants
   51.061   Maintenance
   51.062   Specifications for construction of fire hydrants
   51.063   Installation of fire hydrants
   51.064   Distance between fire hydrants
   51.065   Connection of fire hydrants to water mains; bond required
Water Use Restrictions
   51.080   Superintendent to make rules and regulations for certain water usage
   51.081   Restrictions
Emergency Water Use Plan
   51.095   Mayor to declare water shortage emergency
   51.096   Plan to prohibit or restrict water usage effective during emergency; title
   51.097   Prohibition or restrictions on water usage during emergency
Backflow Prevention; Cross-Connection Control
   51.110   Backflow prevention
   51.111   Cross-connection control
   51.112   Surveys and investigations
   51.113   Inspection of cross-connection controls
   51.114   Remedy for illegal cross-connections
   51.115   Responsibility for clean-up of contaminated water
Administration and Enforcement
   51.130   Joint acquisition, operation; authorization; Commissioner appointed
   51.131   Operation of water system; Manager to supervise
   51.132   General Waterworks Development Plan established; adoption of plan
   51.133   Personnel; hiring and discharging
   51.134   Bonds of employees
   51.135   Books of account
   51.136   Preparation of forms used in the Water Department
   51.999   Penalty