Water Rules and Regulations
911.001   Method of using references.
911.010   Definitions.
911.100   Rules and regulations for Department of Utilities, Division of Water, under the Department of Public Service of the City of Lorain, Ohio; adoption and effect.
911.101   Supervision of Department of Utilities, Division of Water.
911.102   Official name.
911.103   Rules and regulations.
911.104   City not liable for damage caused by interruption of service.
911.105   No guarantee of supply or pressure.
911.106   Chemical, physical and bacteriological characteristics.
911.107   Entrance to premises.
911.108   Tanks for reserve supply should be provided.
911.109   Notification of water turn-off in mains.
911.110   Stoppage of water service because of leaks, etc.
911.111   Turn-off of water to customer.
911.112   Water turn-on.
911.113   Razing of building - Division of Water deposit - abandoned services.
911.114   Discontinuance of service to enforce rent payment, etc.
911.115   Damages due to leaks.
911.116   Pumping on private premises.
911.117   Service Director to make rules for rate collection.
911.118   All abandoned services shall follow procedures set forth in Section 911.113.
911.200   Types of accounts.
911.201   Application and contract for water/sewer service.
911.202   Reserved for future legislation.
911.203   Reserved for future legislation.
911.204   Application for service by delinquent customers.
911.205   Bankruptcy proceedings.
911.206   Billing and collection periods.
911.207   Time limit on payments.
911.208   Estimated bills.
911.209   No partial payments accepted.
911.210   Bills must be paid in the  order contracted.
911.211   Extension of time of payment.
911.212   Service charge for bad checks.
911.213   First bill - new account.
911.214   Final bills.
911.215   Owner may have tenant pay water/sewer bill.
911.216   Delivery of bills.
911.217   Charges for water/sewer are a lien against property.
911.218   Applicants must agree to conform to bylaws.
911.219   Reserved for future legislation.
911.220   Water may be shut off against delinquents.
911.221   Water to be turned off at main for protection and charge therefor.
911.222   Water/sewer may be refused delinquent persons.
911.223   Adjustment of bills.
911.224   If meter fails to register.
911.225   No allowance or rebate on account of leaks.
911.226   Remote register failure.
911.227   Water for public improvements, when to be paid.
911.228   Deduction of water used for fire protection.
911.229   Seasonal accounts.
911.230   Sewer only accounts.
911.280   Providing notice to purchaser of real property as to status of water and sewer account.
911.280A   Statistics of water and sewer account.
911.281   Reserved for future  legislation.
911.282   Reserved for future  legislation.
911.283   Reserved for future legislation.
911.284   Rights of purchaser.
911.290   Addendum:  listing of charges.
911.300   Permit for use of water; penalty.
911.301   Determination of application of rates as to inside and  outside of the City limits.
911.302   Regulatory Capital Improvement Compliance Charge.
911.303   Rates for water furnished inside City limits.
911.304   Rates for water furnished outside City limits.
911.305   Operations, maintenance and replacement cost recovery.
911.306   Establishment of Operation, Maintenance and Replacement     Contingency Fund.
911.307   Exceptions to the water rates.
911.400   Application for the installation of taps and service connections.
911.401   Taps outside City limits.
911.402   Installation of taps and service connections.
911.403   Only City personnel to operate valves, stops, etc.
911.404   Payment for taps and service connections.
911.405   Charge for installation of taps and service connections.
911.405.1   Manifold set-ups.
911.406   Taps - service size - materials.
911.407   Reserved for future legislation.
911.408   Repairs to tap and service connection.
911.409   Temporary water service.
911.410   Workmanship on customer’s  branch.
911.411   Depth of pipe on customer’s branch.
911.412   Customer’s branch location and construction.
911.413   Customer’s branch leaks.
911.414   Limiting size of main to be tapped.
911.415   Maintenance of service lines.
911.416   Attachment of wires to services forbidden.
911.417   Defective work.
911.418   New water service inspection requirements.
911.419   Reserved for future legislation.
911.490   Addendum:  listing of charges.
911.500   Services to be metered.
911.501   Services not required to be metered.
911.502   Maintaining metering systems.
911.503   Entering properties for operation of metering systems.
911.504   Access to property for  operation of metering systems.
911.505   Number of meters allowed.
911.506   Reserved for future  legislation.
911.507   Installation of meters by Division of Water only.
911.508   Removal of meters.
911.509   Reserved for future legislation.
911.510   Meters subject to inspection.
911.511   Attachments.
911.512   Meters shall be accessible.
911.513   Customer to protect meter from freezing, vandalism or other type of negligence.
911.514   Meter repairs and charges.
911.515   Tampering with meter.
911.516   Type of metering system.
911.517   All water must be metered.
911.518   Meter to be furnished by City.
911.519   Replacement of meters.
911.520   Reserved for future legislation.
911.521   Bypasses on meter settings.
911.522   Limitation on one customer to each service.
911.523   Meter settings and locations.
911.524   Meter service charges.
911.525   Testing of meters.
911.526   Accuracy of meters.
911.527   Installation regulations.
911.528   Customers responsible for meters.
911.529   Further purchases of used meter prohibited.
911.530   Assignment of privately owned meters to City.
911.531   Remote reader for estimated bills.
911.532   Changes in piping to be at cost of customer.
911.533   Fire hydrant meter charges.
911.590   Addendum:  listing of charges.
911.600   Capital improvement fee.
911.610   Water main extension.
911.611   Location and size of water mains.
911.612   Procedure for extension of water mains within City.
911.613   Exception to water main extension by Engineering Division.
911.614   Water line extension charges and contract.
911.615   Applicant to be free of indebtedness to the Utilities Department, Division of Water.
911.616   Submittal of plans and charges.
911.617   Procedure for outside the City extension of water mains.
911.618   Outside sale of City water.
911.619   Furnishing water outside City limits.
911.620   Consideration.
911.621   Water lines - newly annexed territory.
911.622   Will not furnish water on claim of damages.
911.623   Adjustment of claims.
911.624   Fees for approval of water line extension application.
911.625   Rate schedule established by Director of Public Service.
911.670   Disconnecting services and repairing breaks.
911.671   Procedure for disconnecting services and repairing breaks.
911.672   Discontinuance of service.
911.700   Application for fire protection system service.
911.701   Changes in fire protection system.
911.702   Deposit for installation by Division of Water.
911.703   Consumption water from a fire system.
911.704   Water supply and pressure.
911.705   Violations.
911.706   Tanks, etc., to have metered supply pipe.
911.707   Charges for fires.
911.708   Pipes, etc., to be accessible for inspection.
911.709   Test of private fire protection system.
911.710   Tests by insurance company representatives.
911.711   Fire flow tests by insurance company representatives.
911.712   Fire pipes, etc., to be accessible for inspection.
911.713   Not to be used except in case of fire.
911.714   Fire Department may use any fixtures.
911.715   Where not allowed.
911.716   Reserved for future legislation.
911.717   Overflow pipes.
911.718   Pumps for fire protection.
911.719   Valves to be sealed.
911.720   Payment for fire service pipe.
911.721   Fire line service.
911.722   Plans for information to be furnished.
911.723   Fire protection service.
911.724   Connections for fire  protection to be by the Division of Water.
911.725   Rate schedule established by Director of Public Service for Division of Water.
911.726   Detector meter.
911.727   Detector meter flow.
911.750   Use of fire hydrants.
911.751   Use of public hydrants to  other than authorized City agencies.
911.751A   Application for permit to obtain temporary water from a public hydrant.
911.752   Rules for use of hydrants by authorized City agencies.
911.753   Location of hydrant.
911.754   Unauthorized use of water from fire hydrant, etc.
911.755   Penalties for violations of Sections 911.754,911.756, 911.757, 911.758.
911.756   Depositing dirt.
911.757   Tampering with apparatus.
911.758   Breaking of seals; fire hydrant, etc.
911.759   Replacement of hydrants.
911.760   Hydrants on private property required.
911.900   General provisions of Ohio Revised Code.
911.901   Responsibility and liability of customer.
911.902   Type connections permitted.
911.903   Cross connections.
911.904   Adoption of Chapter 3745-95 of the Administrative Code.
911.905   Chapter 4101:2-51 (The Ohio Plumbing Code) of the Ohio Administrative Code.
911.906   Policy on use of antifreeze in fire protection systems.
911.950   Limitations and regulations on use of water by air conditioning systems and other equipment.
911.960   Swimming pool connection.
911.9800   Identification and uniform.
911.9801   Reserved for future legislation.
911.9802   Reserved for future legislation.
911.995   Enforcement and penalty.
Water pollution - see Ohio R.C. 715.08, 743.25
Compulsory connections - see Ohio R.C. 729.06, 743.23
Management and control of waterworks - see Ohio R.C. 743.02
Notice to customers concerning theft offenses - see Ohio R.C. 4933.19
   The adoption of rules and regulations is not for the purpose of imposing unnecessary or burdensome regulations upon the users of water from the Lorain municipal water supply system but only to provide for the orderly conduct of the business of the Lorain Utilities Department, to prevent the waste of water, and to ensure equal treatment of all customers of the Department.
   Reasonable diligence and care will be exercised to provide a continuous and sufficient supply of water to all customers at a normal pressure and to avoid any shortage or interruption in delivery. However, there is neither an express or implied guarantee that a continuous supply, fixed pressure or full volume shall be maintained at all times, the service being subject to all the variable conditions that could affect the ability of the Lorain Utilities Department to maintain normal service.
   As provided in Sections under this Chapter 911, these rules and regulations have the same validity as ordinances when not repugnant thereto. 
(Ord. 167-96. Passed 9-16-96.)