(a)   Regular.  All regular accounts are continuous, and shall be either monthly or quarterly. The designation of individual accounts shall be by the Department of Utilities. All accounts that are designated as regular accounts shall be divided into categories as follows:
      (1)    Domestic
      (2)    Commercial
      (3)    Industrial
   (b)   Seasonal.  This type of account shall be for water service for certain periods of the year only, such as ice cream stands, etc.
   (c)   Hydrant.  Hydrant accounts shall be those wherein contractors and others are permitted to take water from fire hydrants for construction or other  temporary use.   
   (d)   Fire Protection.  This type of account is for water service for fire fighting only, through a system of pipelines terminating in private hydrants or sprinkler heads.
(Ord. 167-96. Passed 9-16-96.)