No more than one meter shall be used per premise served by a single service. W here there is multiple occupancy on one premise such as a duplex, each side shall have a meter in a separate line from the second shutoff to the second meter. The owner of the premise shall pay as stated in Section 911.524 for manifold, additional shutoff and meter in duplex or similar multiple occupancy premise.
   A second meter may be installed upon approval of the Director of Utilities for the purpose of monitoring pond, irrigation, or pool use water. The meter and waterline are subject to inspection by Utilities Department staff upon notice to the owner of the residence. An inspection fee will be assessed for each inspection. Customers must petition the director in writing to request a second meter. Customers with second meters installed shall not be subject to provisions of
summer sewer averaging.  (Ord. 42-05.  Passed 3-7-05.)