Water Pollution Rules and Regulations
913.001   Method of using references.
913.010   Definitions.
913.020   Authorization to work on sewers.
913.021   Destruction of sewage works equipment.
913.022   Unauthorized liquid discharge in sewers.
913.023   Unauthorized material  discharges in sewers.
913.024   Bonding and license required for sewer workers.
913.025   Sewer permits.
913.025A   Residential or commercial building sewer application.
913.025B   Industrial sewer connection application.
913.025C   Storm drainage connection application.
913.026   Plumbing Inspector’s approval.
913.027   Permit registration with  Utilities Director.
913.028   Cost of sewer installation.
913.029   Required independent sewers.
913.030   Old building sewers.
913.031   Sewer installation methods.
913.031.1   Sewer easements.
913.032   Sewer blockage inspection.
913.033   Sewer elevation.
913.034   Prohibition of connection of surface water.
913.034.1   Blockage of prohibited connection as provided for in Section 913.034.
913.034.2   Violation penalty of 913.034.
913.035   Regulations of sewer construction.
913.035.1   Existing sewer system rehabilitation equipment.
913.036   Sewer connection inspection.
913.037   Work inspection and regulations.
913.038   Acceptance of sewers.
913.039   Fees for final inspection.
913.040   Sewer size.
913.041   Guarding excavations and repairing public property.
913.042   Pavement opening permit required.
913.043   Sewer permit conditional.
913.044   Grease and sand traps.
913.048   Manhole cover obstruction.
913.049   Violations of Section 913.020 through 913.049, inclusive.
913.050   Introduction; findings; declaration of policy.
913.051   Definitions.
913.052   Purpose and intent.
913.053   Prohibition of unsanitary deposits.
913.054   Prohibition of drainage into sanitary sewers.
913.055   Prohibition of unpolluted water in sanitary sewers.
913.056   Unpolluted water discharges.
913.069   Prohibition of new private treatment facilities.
913.070   Required sewer use.
913.071   Operation of private treatment facilities.
913.072   Charges of discharges into streams of polluted waters.
913.200   Types of accounts.
913.201   Application and contract for water/sewer service.
913.202   Reserved for future legislation.
913.203   Reserved for future legislation.
913.204   Application for service by delinquent customers.
913.205   Bankruptcy proceedings.
913.206   Billing and collection periods.
913.207   Time limit on payments.
913.208   Estimated bills.
913.209   No partial payments accepted.
913.210   Bills must be paid in the order contracted.
913.211   Extension of time of payment.
913.212   Service charge for bad checks.
913.213   First bill - new account.
913.214   Final bills.
913.215   Owner may have tenant pay water/sewer bill.
913.216   Delivery of bills.
913.217   Charges for water/sewer are a lien against property.
913.218   Applicants must agree to conform to bylaws.
913.219   Reserved for future legislation.
913.220   Water may be shut off against delinquents.
913.221   Water to be turned off at main for protection and charge therefor.
913.222   Water/sewer may be refused delinquent persons.
913.223   Adjustment of bills.
913.224   If meter fails to register.
913.225   No allowance or rebate on account of leaks.
913.226   Remote register failure.
913.227   Water for public improvements, when to be paid.
913.228   Deduction of water used for fire protection.
913.229   Seasonal accounts.
913.230   Sewer only accounts.
913.240   Reserved for future legislation.
913.241   Reserved for future legislation.
913.242   Providing notice to a purchaser of real property as to the status of the water and sewer account.
913.246   Rights of purchaser.
913.249   Addendum:  listing of charges.
913.250   Sanitary sewage system tap-in and service charge.
913.251   Sewer tap-in application.
913.251A   Sanitary sewer application.
913.252   Issuance of permit.
913.253   No waiver of permits fees.
913.254   Deduction from tap-in and service charge.
913.255   Capital improvement fee.
913.256   Description and method for distributing cost of Lorain- Sheffield Township Elyria Township Sanitary Sewer District of the City of Lorain southeast interceptor sewer.
913.257   Description and method for distributing cost for new federally funded sanitary  sewers in the City of Lorain under Federal Grant No. C-391087-03.
913.258   Description and method for distributing cost of the newly constructed sanitary sewers in City of Lorain not federally funded under Federal Grant No. C-391087-03.
913.270   District area storm drainage system tap-in and service charge.
913.271   Sewer tap-in application.
913.271A   Sewer tap-in application form.
913.272   Issuance of permit.
913.273   No waiver of permit fees.
913.274   Deduction from tap-in and service charge.
913.300   Need for sewer rental charge.
913.301   Sewer Revenue Fund.
913.302   Readiness to serve charge.  (Repealed)
913.303   Sanitary sewer rental charge.
913.304   Determination of application of rates as to inside and  outside of the City limits.
913.305   Rates for sewer rental outside City limits.
913.306   Rate payment penalty.  (Repealed)
913.307   Exceptions to the sanitary sewer rental charges.
913.450   Prohibition of new private sewage disposal facilities.
913.451   Installation permit and operation permit.
913.452   Home sewage disposal rules.
913.453   Allowance of existing private disposal facilities.
913.454   Required abandonment of private disposal facilities.
913.455   Regulation of private disposal facilities.
913.456   Inspections of private sewage treatment.
913.457   Violation penalty of Sub-Chapter 913.450.
913.458   New additional requirements of private disposal systems.
913.500   License to operate septic tank cleaning units.
913.501   Prohibition of septic tank discharges.
913.502   Annual tank truck permit.
913.502A   Septic tank waste discharge permit.
913.503   Tank truck waste treatment fee.
913.504   Violation penalty for Sub-Chapter 913.500.
913.505   Holding tank requirement.
913.506   Prohibited wastes.
913.507   Sampling.
913.508   Marina waste.
913.509   Trucked and hauled wastes.
913.600   Power to enter premises.
913.601   Injury or loss while on premises.
913.602   Power to enter easement properties.
913.603   Power to accept or reject wastes.
913.604   Power to determine surcharge for special wastes.
913.605   Power to establish regulations.
913.606   Regulating and enforcing agencies.
913.607   Power to regulate foreign accounts in sewer system.
913.608   Power to regulate foreign accounts in waterways.
913.609   Written notice of violations.
913.610   Continuance of violation.
913.611   Power to issue citations.
913.612   Liability to City.
913.612.1   Determination of damage costs.
913.613   Determination of penalties.
913.650   Penalties.
913.651   Payment of penalties.
913.700   Classes of permits.
913.701   Permit to discharge into waterways.
913.702   Requirements of discharge permit into waterways.
913.703   Obtaining of permit.
913.704   Waterway jurisdiction area.
913.800   Minimum conditions for  stream quality standards.
913.801   Protection of high quality waters.
913.802   Water quality design flow.
913.803   Stream-quality criteria.
913.804   Dumping debris into  waterways.
913.805   Obstruction of waterways.
913.806   Litter in waterways.
913.807   Dredging into waterways.
913.899   Penalties for Section 913.807.
913.900   Water Pollution Control Board members.
913.901   Authority of Water Pollution Control Board.
913.902   Right to appeal.
913.950   Appointment of Appeal Board.
913.951   Required quorum.
913.952   Salary of Appeal Board members.
913.953   Deposit for hearing.
913.954   Right to appeal.
913.955   Time and place of hearing.
913.956   Amendment to orders.
913.957   Procedure.
913.958   Rules of evidence.
913.980   Repeal of conflicting ordinances.
Power to construct sewerage system - see Ohio R.C. 715.40, 717.01
Compulsory sewer connections - see Ohio R.C. 729.06
Management and control of sewerage system - see Ohio R.C. 729.50
Regulations to control house sewers and connections - see Ohio R.C. 729.51
Untreated sewerage - see Ohio R.C. 3701.59
Interference with apparatus of sewerage disposal - see Ohio R.C. 4933.24
Water pollution control - see Ohio R.C.  Ch. 6111
The adoption of rules and regulations is not for the purpose of imposing unnecessary or burdensome regulations upon the use of the sewerage system, sewage treatment plant, or wastewater treatment plant of the City of Lorain, Ohio, the use of public and private sewers and drains, private sewage treatment, the installation and connections of building sewers, and the discharge of waters and wastes into public sewer systems and water courses, but only to provide for the orderly conduct of the business of the City Utilities Department, in order to prevent the pollution of our natural waterways and the protection of our environment.
(Ord. 19-91. Passed 3-18-91.)