Taps and service connections shall be installed to serve only those premises which are located on dedicated streets or thoroughfares or which abut a plot for which a deed of easement has been duly executed and accepted by the City, in which has been installed a water main line of not less than four inches inside diameter. Service  connections may be obtained by applying at the office of the Director of Utilities and/or those agents authorized by the Director of Utilities and making such payment as hereinafter provided. For all applications  for three or  more units, a plot plan must be submitted with the application. Such  application shall contain the name of the owner of the premises, or his agent, the use to which water is to be applied, the correct name of the street, street number, lot number and plot plan of the premises to be supplied with water. The service inspection section of the water service application form must be signed for both new service and replacement service (when applicable) at the time of application.
(Ord. 167-96. Passed 9-16-96.)