(a)   The customer's branch shall be installed in a direct line from the house to the street, and at right angles to the street. If the branch enters the building from the side, it shall be installed at right angles to the street and no further than three feet from the building. If local conditions do not permit, a deviation may be permitted; however, the location must be approved by the Division of Water. The customer's branch shall not be laid closer than four feet to any drain, gas line or other underground facility.
   (b)   At least six inches of the customer's branch pipe shall extend beyond the point where the curb box is set which normally is in the tree lawn as shown on the drawing of Addendum 911.412.
   (c)   The customer's branch must be properly marked, and approved by the Engineering Division of the Division of Water before the Division of Water will install the service connection. The owner and/or the customer or his representative shall notify the Division of Water at the time that the application for the tap is made, that the customer's branch is properly marked. The priority of the tap installation will be as of the date the application is made.
   (d)   The customer's branch shall be so valved and/or controlled that after it is connected to the service connection, the curb stop valve can be left open. If, for any reason whatsoever, the curb stop valve cannot be left open without the loss of water, the owner and/or customer must pay established charge for turn on of water before service to premises will be started.
(Ord. 167-96. Passed 9-16-96.)