(a)   All pumps installed on private systems which are directly connected to the Division of Water System must be of such type that no abrupt change in pressure in the City's mains of any magnitude will be produced. All pumping equipment must be approved by the Director of Utilities before installation. All existing pumping installation causing excessive fluctuations in the Division of Water distribution pipes or excessive reduction in pressure, in the opinion of the Director of Utilities, must be modified to an acceptable degree in a reasonable time.
   (b)   Pursuant to the authority vested in the Director of Public Service and the Director of Utilities by Section 911.100 and Section 911.101, the following rule and regulation is hereby established for the government of the Division of Water:
Pumps for Increasing Flow and Pressure
   No pump or device, the purpose and use of which is to increase the volume of the flow and pressure of water in plumbing fixtures, and/or systems of water pipes, located on premises to which there is conveyed a supply of water from the City's water distribution system, shall be installed, connected thereto, and/or operated for the purpose and use aforesaid without the expressed written permission therefor obtained from the Director of Utilities .
(Ord. 167-96. Passed 9-16-96.)