(a)   Application for licenses and applications for renewal of licenses for taxicabs and motor vehicles for hire shall be made by the owner or authorized agent upon blanks to be furnished by the City Clerk and shall contain:
      (1)   The full name, age and residence of the owner.
      (2)   The type of motor car to be used, horsepower, factory number, State license number, the length of time that the vehicle has been in use and the seating capacity.
   (b)   The application shall be immediately referred by the City Clerk to the City Administrator who shall cause an investigation to be made of the fitness of the applicant as to character and ability and an inspection of the vehicle to be licensed, and shall transmit the application with his or her recommendation to the City Council. If, in the opinion of the City Council, the person making the application is a proper person both by experience and character, and the vehicle is in a thoroughly fit condition for the transportation of passengers and is clean and fit for such use, they may authorize the granting of a license upon the payment of the license fee and the filing of an insurance policy as provided in § 12-218 of this division. The licenses shall be issued by the City Clerk and shall not be transferable.
(Ord. 347, passed 6-26-1930; Ord. 2010, passed 11-6-1967; Ord. 2251, passed 3-15-1971; Ord. 3783, passed 12-13-2010)