The City Council, upon conclusion of a due process hearing and by virtue of the authority of this division, may suspend or revoke a public driver’s license. A public driver’s license shall be revoked upon one (1) conviction of operation under the influence of liquor, or drugs, operating while impaired, reckless driving or careless driving. A violation of any of the provisions of this division, or a felony conviction, shall be sufficient grounds for the revocation of any license issued under this division and shall be considered sufficient grounds for the refusal to grant a license in the first instance. No owner or authorized agent shall permit a person to operate a taxicab or motor vehicle for hire in violation of the provisions of this section. This shall be deemed sufficient grounds for revocation of City license to operate a taxicab or motor vehicle for hire service.
(Ord. 347, passed 6-26-1930; Ord. 3085, passed 1-9-1989; Ord. 3783, passed 12-13-2010)