§ 12-219  TAXICAB RATES.
   (a)   Except for such flat rates as are specifically provided for herein, the maximum rates to be charged and collected for services shall be computed on a mileage basis as follows:
For the first 1/6 mile or fraction thereof
Each additional 1/6 mile or fraction thereof
   (b)   For each minute of waiting time or fraction thereof, a charge may be made not to exceed $0.33. Waiting time shall include the time when the taxicab is not in motion beginning with the arrival at the place to which it has been called or the time consumed while standing at the direction of the passenger, but no charge shall be made for time lost because of efficiency of the taxicab or its operator or time consumed by premature response to a call or for traffic delay.
   (c)   There shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the inside of the cab a card of a size not less than five (5) inches by six (6) inches upon which shall be printed in plain legible type the rates of fare and the rules for throwing the flag of the taximeter. The size, type, form and wording of the sign shall be subject to the approval of the Chief Legal Officer and the City Clerk. The original sign, properly approved shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk and all signs used to comply with this section shall be exact duplicates of the original filed.
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