General Provisions
   55.001   Purpose and policy
   55.002   Administration
   55.003   Abbreviations
   55.004   Definitions
   55.005   Establishment of pretreatment program
   55.006   Pretreatment charges and fees
   55.007   Sewer use and wastewater processing charges and fees
General Sewer Use Requirements
   55.015   General requirements
   55.016   Prohibited discharge standards
   55.017   National categorical pretreatment standards
   55.018   State pretreatment standards and environmental statutes
   55.019   Local limits
   55.020   City’s right of revision
   55.021   Dilution
   55.022   Toxic organic pollutants
   55.023   Slug discharges
   55.024   High strength wastewater
Sewer Connections
   55.035   Purpose
   55.036   Prerequisites; permits and charges
   55.037   Tap fees
   55.038   Effect of error in permits
   55.039   Appeal of sewer tap permit denial
   55.040   Connections by out-of-city properties
   55.041   Blasting
   55.042   Sewer pipes; composition
   55.043   “Y” branch connections
   55.044   Location and grade of pipe
   55.045   Joints
   55.046   Backfilling
   55.047   Barricades and lights
   55.048   Notice after installation and inspection
   55.049   Disconnection of nonconforming sewers
   55.050   Disconnection of pipes carrying rainwater
   55.051   Appeal of order to disconnect
   55.052   Bonding requirements
   55.053   Violations and enforcement remedies
Sewer Extension Policy
   55.065   General provisions
   55.066   Purpose of extension fee
   55.067   Restriction of extension fee use
   55.068   Establishment of assessment area and rate
   55.069   Extension fees: sewers greater than eight inches in diameter
   55.070   Establishing difference in cost of sewers
   55.071   Extension of sewers into undeveloped areas
   55.072   Extension of sewers to address public health needs
   55.073   Assessments for real estate not connected to POTW
   55.074   Credit for service line connections across streets
   55.075   Assessment rates
   55.076   Applicable assessment rate
   55.077   Actual assessment rate applied
   55.078   Connection to existing sewers
   55.079   Requirements of petitioner
   55.080   Properties not assessable
   55.081   Evidence of assessability
   55.082   Assessment on properties outside city
   55.083   Donated sewers
   55.084   Border sewers
   55.085   Sewers at excess depth; cost sharing
   55.086   Certified plans and specifications
   55.087   Required maps and records
   55.088   Separate accounting on extension fees and assessments
   55.089   Modification or waiver of requirements
   55.090   Record of modification or waiver
   55.091   Violations and enforcement remedies
Sewer Usage Rates and Charges
   55.100   General provisions
   55.101   Usage fees and assessments for utility services
   55.102   Wastewater processing fees: general policy
   55.103   Wastewater processing fees: schedule of rates and charges
   55.104   Wastewater processing fees: special situations
   55.105   Stormwater user fees
   55.106   Rates to be charged to city
   55.107   Preparation and billing
   55.108   Effect of error in billing
   55.109   Due date
   55.110   Penalty for late payment
Pretreatment Program Fees
   55.120   Purpose
   55.121   Wastewater discharge permit fees
   55.122   Other pretreatment program fees
   55.123   Annual review
Pretreatment of Wastewater
   55.135   Pretreatment facilities
   55.136   Additional pretreatment measures
   55.137   Accidental discharge/slug discharge control plans
   55.138   Hauled wastewater
Individual and General Wastewater Discharge Permits
   55.150   Wastewater analysis
   55.151   Individual and general permits: requirement
   55.152   Individual and general permits: existing connections
   55.153   Individual and general permits: new connections
   55.154   Individual and general permits: permit application contents
   55.155   General wastewater discharge permits
   55.156   Individual and general permits: signatories and certifications
   55.157   Individual and general permits: permit decisions
Individual and General Wastewater Discharge Permit Issuance
   55.170   Individual and general permits: duration
   55.171   Individual and general permits: contents
   55.172   Individual and general permits: permit issuance
   55.173   Individual and general permits: permit modification
   55.174   Individual and general permits: permit transfer
   55.175   Individual and general permits: revocation
   55.176   Individual and general permits: permit reissuance
   55.177   Regulation of waste received from other jurisdictions
Reporting Requirements
   55.190   Baseline monitoring reports
   55.191   Compliance schedule progress reports
   55.192   Reports on compliance with categorical pretreatment standard deadline
   55.193   Periodic compliance reports
   55.194   Reports of changed conditions
   55.195   Reports of potential problems
   55.196   Reports from unpermitted users
   55.197   Notice of violation; repeat sampling and reporting
   55.198   Discharge of hazardous waste
   55.199   Analytical requirements
   55.200   Sample collection
   55.201   Date of receipt of reports
   55.202   Recordkeeping
   55.203   Certification statements
Compliance Monitoring
   55.215   Right of entry: inspection and sampling
   55.216   Search warrants
Confidential Information
   55.225   Confidential information
Publication of Users in Significant Noncompliance
   55.230   Publication of users in significant noncompliance
Administrative Enforcement Remedies
   55.240   Notification of violation
   55.241   Consent orders
   55.242   Show cause orders
   55.243   Compliance orders
   55.244   Cease and desist orders
   55.245   Administrative fines
   55.246   Emergency suspensions
   55.247   Termination of discharge
Judicial Enforcement Remedies
   55.255   Injunctive relief
   55.256   Civil penalties
   55.257   Criminal prosecution
   55.258   Remedies nonexclusive
Supplemental Enforcement Action
   55.270   Penalties for late reports
   55.271   Performance bonds
   55.272   Liability insurance
   55.273   Payment of outstanding fees and penalties
   55.274   Public nuisances
   55.275   Contractor listing
   55.276   Violation of notification requirements
Affirmative Defenses to Discharge Violations
   55.290   Upset
   55.291   Prohibited discharge standards
   55.292   Bypass
Appeals of Administrative Enforcement Actions
   55.305   Appeal to Board of Public Works and Safety
   55.306   Appeal procedure
Employee Protections
   55.315   General
   55.316   Notification requirement
   55.317   Permitted dischargers
   55.318   All other dischargers
   55.319   Enforcement