General Provisions
   150.001   Adoption of state regulations
   150.002   Fire zones
   150.003   Adoption of state building and dwelling codes
   150.004   Improvements to city property; Council approval required
   150.005   Limited criminal background checks
Building Contractors
   150.015   Definitions
   150.016   Bond; insurance
   150.017   License required; exception
   150.018   License application; investigation of applicant
   150.019   Written or oral examination; grading
   150.020   License renewal procedure
   150.021   License nontransferable
   150.022   Denial of application for new or renewal license
   150.023   Suspension, revocation of license
   150.024   Fee schedule
   150.025   Building permit fees
   150.026   Building Contractors’ Board of Examiners
   150.027   Temporary contractors license
   150.028   Truck signs required
Erection and Construction Standards
   150.040   Plan as to drainage, grades required; building permit
   150.041   Blowing of soil at construction site
   150.042   Construction of scaffolds
   150.043   Construction in flood hazard area
   150.044   Construction of pipelines
   150.045   Site preparation fees
Substandard and Condemned Buildings
   150.055   Violations; notice to owner
   150.056   Owner in violation to file report; failure to file
   150.057   Reinspection
   150.058   Disconnection of utility service to condemned buildings; reconnection
   150.059   Compliance of city officials
Vacated or Damaged Buildings; Security and Time Restraints
   150.070   Securing buildings; emergency board-ups
   150.071   Time restraints for vacated property
   150.072   Property owners to notify Inspections Department of vacant property by October 1 annually
House Moving
   150.080   Permit required; fee
   150.081   Bond
   150.082   Notice to utility company to raise wires
   150.083   Consent of neighboring property owners
House Numbering
   150.095   Authority of Board of Public Works and Safety
   150.096   Base Lines
   150.097   Direction of numbering
   150.098   Diagonal streets
   150.099   Erection of new buildings
   150.100   Duty to obtain, post numbers; failure to comply
Demolition of Buildings
   150.110   Permit required; barricades erected
   150.111   Liability
   150.112   Adjacent occupied buildings
   150.113   Shut-off of utilities
   150.114   Care to be taken during demolition
   150.115   Wrecking procedure
   150.116   Recovery of costs for removal of property from demolition list
   150.125   Permit required; fees
   150.126   Classification of fences
   150.127   Fences enclosing plats
   150.128   Fences on corner lots
   150.129   Barbed wire fences prohibited in residential areas
   150.130   Fences on retaining wall
   150.131   Trellis or barrier on top of fence
   150.132   Fences around swimming pools
   150.133   Unsightly fences to be removed
   150.134   Retaining walls in front yard
   150.135   Variances; appeals
Satellite Dishes
   150.145   License required
   150.146   Permit required
   150.147   Regulations
   150.148   Variances
Installation of Above-ground Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs
   150.160   Application
   150.161   Location
   150.162   Fences
   150.163   Permits needed
   150.164   License required
   150.999   Penalty