General Provisions
   37.001   Definitions
   37.002   Personnel and human resources policy of the city
   37.003   Civil Service Commission
   37.004   Rule-making and regulatory powers of the Commission
   37.005   Department of Human Resources
   37.006   Labor relations
   37.007   Certification of payroll
Creation of the Classified and Unclassified Service
   37.020   Unclassified and classified service
   37.021   Unclassified service
   37.022   Unclassified service; promotion from teaching position to administrative position
   37.023   Classified service
   37.024   Roster of city employees
   37.025   Classification plan
Compensation Plan
   37.040   Rules and regulations pertaining to the approval or disapproval of revisions to employee compensation plans not covered by collective bargaining
   37.041   Administrative salary adjustment
   37.042   Compensation plan in effect
Grant Funded Positions
   37.055   Grant funded positions
Department Heads and Designated Management Employees
   37.070   Coverage of subchapter
   37.071   Appointment of department heads and designated management employees: the rule of five
   37.072   Expiration of the contract term; notification
   37.073   Extension of the contract term; vacancy
   37.074   Appointment of administrative officials by certain department heads
Hiring and Promotion of Public Employees
   37.085   Applications and examinations
   37.086   Rejection of candidates and applications
   37.087   Qualifications and competitive examinations for entry level and promotional appointments: the general rule
   37.088   Selection of employees for appointment and promotion
   37.089   Method of rating
   37.090   Notification of examination results and inspection of records
   37.091   Correction of rating: appeal
   37.092   Eligible lists for appointment and promotion
   37.093   Certification of eligible lists
   37.094   Anticipation of need
   37.095   Appropriate eligible lists
   37.096   Part-time positions
   37.097   Interpretation
   37.098   Rejection of candidates
   37.099   Credit allowances
   37.100   Probation period
   37.101   Provisional, acting, emergency, temporary and limited term appointments without examinations
   37.102   Discrimination and ethical conduct
Promotions, Transfers and Demotions
   37.115   Promotional policy
   37.116   Political or partisan endorsement prohibited
   37.117   Promotional examinations
   37.118   Transfers
   37.119   Pay grade after transfer
   37.120   Voluntary demotions
   37.121   Special assignments
Performance Evaluations
   37.135   Objective
   37.150   Separation from employment
Disciplinary Actions
   37.165   Types of disciplinary action
Employee and Human Resources Development
   37.180   Employment development
Attendance and Leave
   37.195   Attendance and hours of work
   37.196   Amendments to the annual compensation plan
   37.197   Employee leave policies
Appeals and Grievances
   37.210   Policy
Miscellaneous Provisions
   37.225   Effective date
   37.226   Separability
   37.999   Penalty for violations