Commencement of Procurement Process
   38.001   Purposes: rules of construction
   38.002   Definitions
   38.003   Requisition
   38.004   Encumbrance of funds
   38.005   Preparation of specifications
Procurement Process: Solicitation and Award; Methods of Source Selection
   38.020   Methods of source selection
   38.021   Competitive sealed bidding
   38.022   Competitive sealed proposals
   38.023   Requests for qualifications
   38.024   Recurring procurements
   38.025   Small purchases
   38.026   Sole source procurement
   38.027   Procurements pertaining to public emergencies
   38.028   Waiver of bid or proposal requirement: extraordinary conditions
   38.029   Exempt services
   38.030   Exempt investment and insurance
   38.031   Record of procurement actions taken with regard to sole source, waiver and emergency procurements
   38.032   Federal and state procurement standards: application for competitive grants
   38.033   Federal procurement subject to Section 3
Cancellation of Invitations for Bids or Request for Proposals
   38.045   Cancellation of invitation for bids or requests for proposals; waiver of minor irregularities
Qualifications and Duties
   38.046   Responsibility of bidders and offerors
   38.047   Prequalification of suppliers
   38.048   Substantiation of offered prices
   38.049   Preference for bidders and offerors located in the city
   38.050   Reporting of anti-competitive practices
   38.051   Retention of procurement records
   38.052   Finality of determinations
Contracts and Purchase Orders
   38.065   Obligations of persons seeking a contract or purchase order with the city; affidavits, disclosures and encumbrances
   38.066   Disclosures required by the federal or state governments
   38.067   Contractor accounting requirements
   38.068   Purchase orders; when required
   38.069   Contracts; when required
   38.070   Exceptions
   38.071   Issuance of purchase orders
   38.072   Execution of contracts
   38.073   Amendments to contracts
Legal Clauses and Fiscal Responsibility
   38.085   Legal clauses for contracts or purchase orders and their administration
   38.086   Cancellation due to unavailability of funds in succeeding fiscal years: non-appropriation
   38.087   Contract provisions pertaining to an ordinance regarding the hiring of Waterbury residents on certain publicly-funded construction projects
Bonds, Insurance and Guarantees
   38.100   Bid or proposal security
   38.101   Contract performance and payment bonds
   38.102   Authority to require additional security
Legal and Contractual Remedies
   38.115   Authority to resolve protested solicitations and awards
   38.116   Authority to debar or suspend
   38.117   Authority to resolve contract or purchase order and breach of term controversies
Intergovernmental Relations
   38.130   Cooperative purchasing authorized
Vendor Payment
   38.145   Payment processing requirements
   38.146   Payment
   38.147   Payment by credit card
General Regulations
   38.160   Supplementary general principles of law applicable
   38.161   Requirement of good faith
   38.162   Application of this chapter
   38.163   Severability
   38.164   Construction against implicit repealer
   38.165   Effective date
   38.166   Determinations
Public Access
   38.180   Public access to procurement information
   38.181   Authorization for the use of electronic transmissions
Procurement Organization and Leadership
   38.195   Charter authority for the Department of Purchases
   38.196   Authority and duties of the Department of Purchases
Director of Purchasing
   38.210   Charter authority for the Director of Purchasing
   38.211   Appointment and qualifications
   38.212   Tenure, removal and compensation
   38.213   Authority of the Director of Purchasing
Organizational Issues Pertaining to Public Procurement and Management
   38.225   Centralization of procurement authority
   38.226   Delegation of authority by the Director of Purchasing
Role of the Corporation Counsel
   38.227   Authority to contract for legal services
   38.228   Contracts to be approved by the corporation counsel
   38.229   Duties of the corporation counsel
Role of Using Agencies or Department Heads
   38.230   Estimate of needs
   38.231   Roles and responsibilities of using agencies, department heads and others pertaining to the procurement system
City Procurement Regulations and Policies
   38.245   Regulations
   38.246   Prohibition against the delegation of the power to promulgate regulations and establish policy
   38.247   Regulations and policies shall not change existing contract rights