General Provisions
   51.01   Properties of waterworks and sewerage system
   51.02   Liabilities
Utility Rates and Fees
   51.05   Rates and charges for waterworks and sewerage service
   51.06   Payment of charges for water and sewerage service
   51.07   Late notice
   51.08   Delinquent bill
   51.09   Services discontinued
   51.10   Director of Administrative Services to collect and record utility fees and revenue
   51.11   Reserved
   51.12   Reserved
   51.13   Reserved
Water Regulations
   51.15   Installation of water main prerequisite to connection
   51.16   Water service applications
   51.17   Village water service connection defined
   51.18   Domestic water service line defined
   51.19   Service pipe material specifications
   51.20   Location of curb stop
   51.21   Entrance of water service connections; extensions into buildings; number of connections
   51.22   Proximity of extensions to sewers
   51.23   Underground water service
   51.24   Specifications for water service extension pipe
   51.25   Maintenance of domestic water service
   51.26   Repair of leaks and defects; owner’s responsibility
   51.27   Liability of the property owner
   51.28   Additional costs incurred
   51.29   Reconstruction of existing connections
   51.30   Continuation of connections and extensions to adjoining premises prohibited
   51.31   Installation of domestic water extensions
   51.32   Extensions to be tested
   51.33   Water meters and testing required
   51.34   Installation and location of meters
   51.35   Access to meter
   51.36   Tampering prohibited
   51.37   Lawn sprinkling restricted
   51.38   Resale of water
   51.39   Fire protection
   51.40   Physical connections
   51.41   Turning on water supply
   51.42   Discontinuance of existing service
   51.43   Wells
Backflow and Cross-Connections
   51.45   Establishment of program
   51.46   Adoption of Cross-Connection Control Policy Manual
   51.47   Current copy of Cross-Connection Control Policy Manual
   51.48   Compliance
   51.49   Violations and penalties
Sewer System
   51.55   Connection to sewer system required
   51.63   Other sewer and water regulations
   51.64   Prohibition of wastewater into storm sewers
   51.65   Discharge of wastewater
Illicit Discharge and Connection
   51.66   Purpose; intent
   51.67   Definitions
   51.68   Applicability
   51.69   Responsibility for administration
   51.70   Ultimate responsibility
   51.71   Discharge prohibitions
   51.72   Suspension of MS4 access
   51.73   Industrial or construction activity discharges
   51.74   Monitoring of discharges
   51.75   Requirement to prevent, control, and reduce storm water pollutants by the use of Best Management Practices
   51.76   Watercourse protection
   51.77   Notification of spills
   51.78   Notice of violation
   51.79   Appeal of notice of violation
   51.80   Enforcement
   51.81   Cost of abatement of the violation
   51.82   Injunctive relief
   51.83   Compensatory action
   51.84   Violations deemed a public nuisance
   51.85   Criminal prosecution
   51.86   Remedies not exclusive
Building Drains
   51.90   Discharges into sanitary sewer
   51.91   Maintenance and operation of equipment
   51.92   Connection of drains
   51.93   Sump pumps
   51.94   Unpolluted drainage and process waters
   51.95   Industrial waste
   51.99   Penalty