A.   For purposes of this section, a vehicle shall be considered a commercial vehicle if it is:
      1.   A motor truck;
      2.   A station wagon or a van permanently modified to carry no more than three (3) seated passengers; or
      3.   A motor vehicle whose business name is permanently displayed on both sides of the vehicle in, at a minimum, two inch (2") lettering.
   B.   A freight license parking permit for qualifying commercial vehicles may be obtained as follows:
      1.   Applicants for a freight license parking permit must possess a current Salt Lake City business license.
      2.   A business requesting issuance of a freight license parking permit must contact the city's business licensing section to receive an application as well as any applicable instructional documentation. The business representative must complete the application in its entirety and include all required commercial vehicle descriptions for each vehicle for which the business is requesting a freight license parking permit.
      3.   The business requesting one or more freight license parking permits must return the completed freight license parking permit application to the business licensing section. At that time the business must also pay the fee as listed on the Salt Lake City consolidated fee schedule for each freight license parking permit requested.
      4.   Upon receiving a freight license parking permit application, the city's compliance enforcement section will inspect each of the vehicles for which a freight license parking permit has been requested. Upon verifying that each vehicle meets the above listed definition of a commercial vehicle, a compliance enforcement official will approve the business's freight license parking permit application and forward the approved application to the business licensing section for retention.
      5.   The compliance enforcement official who approves a freight license parking permit application shall ensure that the license plate number and state of those commercial vehicles that receive freight license parking permits are registered in the electronic Salt Lake City freight permitting system and the compliance enforcement system(s).
      6.   If a vehicle inspected by compliance enforcement does not successfully meet the definition of a commercial vehicle the business representative may make any necessary corrections and return the vehicle in a timely manner and at a scheduled time for reinspection. No amount of the initial fee will be reimbursed.
   C.   A freight license parking permit is nontransferable and is renewable annually.
   D.   No person shall stop any vehicle, or permit the same to be stopped, in a freight curb loading zone when the provisions applicable to such zones are in effect unless:
      1.   A valid freight license parking permit has been issued to such vehicle; and
      2.   The stop involves the expeditious loading or unloading of materials; and
      3.   The duration of the stop does not exceed thirty (30) minutes and the vehicle may not return to that particular freight loading zone for the thirty (30) minute time period immediately following the vehicle's departure from such freight loading zone. (Ord. 9-17, 2017)