A.   Purpose Of Section: The city council finds that restricted time parking regulations are designed to require movement of vehicles from designated street parking locations to enable as many members of the public as possible to have access to prime street parking locations. Some members of the public attempt to avoid purposes of restricted time parking by moving their vehicles only enough to cover any markings placed by parking enforcement personnel or by moving their vehicles only to return within a few minutes to the same or approximately the same parking spot.
It is necessary to provide fair and equal access to limited public resources and assets such as prime parking locations.
   B.   Obedience To Traffic Signs And Markings: When signs or traffic markings are erected or placed by the direction of the city transportation engineer, no person shall park a vehicle or permit such vehicle to remain parked for longer than the time specified, between the hours shown upon any street, parts of a street, or roadway, except Sundays and holidays, as enumerated in subsection 12.56.200B of this chapter, or its successor.
   C.   Unlawful: It is unlawful for any person to:
      1.   Park a vehicle on the same time restricted parking block face for longer than the posted time limitation, or having left a parking spot located on a time restricted parking block face, repark on the same parking block face within the same length of time as the posted time limitation plus thirty (30) minutes immediately following the vacation of the place of initial parking; or
      2.   Remove a temporary mark placed by an enforcement officer except that which may naturally occur as a result of driving the vehicle.
   D.   Definitions:
   BLOCK FACE: The side of the street where the vehicle was parked between two (2) intersecting streets. An alley shall not be considered a street.
   STREET AND ALLEY: Have the meanings set forth in sections 12.04.490 and 12.04.030 of this title, respectively, or their successor provisions.
   E.   Civil Penalty; Continuing Violation: Violation of this section shall constitute a civil violation. It shall be a separate offense for each violation of the posted time limitations.
   F.   Prior Right To Parking Space: Every driver about to enter a parking space being vacated shall stop his or her vehicle and wait for the vehicle in the actual process of vacating the parking space, and having so waited shall have prior right to the parking space over all other drivers.
   G.   Interference Prohibited: No driver shall stop his or her vehicle ahead of a parking space being vacated and attempt to interfere with a driver who has waited properly to the rear of a parking space being vacated. (Ord. 9-17, 2017)