A.   The city transportation engineer shall cause parking meters to be installed near or upon the city's curb or sidewalk areas in numbers and locations that are sufficient, in the judgment of the city transportation engineer, to provide for the public's parking needs. Parking meters shall be operational and usable at least one hour before the time when parking time limitations take effect at metered parking spaces.
   B.   No person shall park any vehicle in any parking space, except as otherwise permitted by this chapter, without immediately purchasing from a parking meter the necessary authorization to park in that specific parking space for a designated period of time, which time period shall be reflected on a receipt or similar official record memorializing such purchase.
   C.   No person, except as otherwise provided by this chapter, shall permit any vehicle parked by such person to remain parked in any parking space beyond the time period specified on the receipt or other official record memorializing the purchase transaction described in subsection B of this section, or beyond the maximum time limit for parking as designated on either the parking meter or on posted signs that correspond to such parking space.
   D.   The presence of a vehicle in a parking space for which the paid time expired at least two (2) hours prior to the issuance of the parking citation shall be considered a wilful or egregious violation of this section and shall be subject to the penalty that corresponds to such violation as set forth in subsection 12.56.550B of this chapter. (Ord. 9-17, 2017)