12.52.010: Safe Operation And Control By Driver
12.52.020: Driver To Keep Proper Lookout
12.52.030: Driver Seating Restrictions
12.52.040: Locations For Passengers
12.52.050: Obstructing Driver's View Or Driving Mechanism
12.52.060: One Arm Driving
12.52.070: Passengers Not To Obstruct Driver's View Or Control
12.52.080: Television Sets In Vehicles
12.52.090: Standing On Seats
12.52.100: Opening Vehicle Doors In Traffic
12.52.110: Quiet Zones Designated; Vehicle Operation Restrictions
12.52.120: Backing Of Vehicles; Conditions
12.52.130: Headlights; Use Of High Beams Prohibited
12.52.140: Bicycle Lanes; Vehicle Restrictions
12.52.145: Operation Of Motor Vehicle Near Bicycle Prohibited
12.52.150: Hazardous And Congested Places; Operation Restrictions
12.52.160: Driving Through Safety Zones Or Dividing Sections
12.52.170: Use Of Horn
12.52.180: Unusual Noise And Excessive Smoke Or Oil
12.52.190: Increasing Muffler Noise Prohibited (Rep. by Ord. 31-00 § 22, 2000)
12.52.200: Prohibition Against Allowing Unlicensed Person To Drive; Vehicle Loan Or Rental Requirements
12.52.210: Vehicle Businesses; Record Keeping Requirements
12.52.220: Dealers In Used Or Wrecked Vehicles Or Parts; Records To Be Kept
12.52.230: Following Fire Apparatus
12.52.240: Driving Over Fire Hose Prohibited
12.52.250: Funeral Procession; Identification And Right Of Way
12.52.260: Funeral Procession; To Keep To Right
12.52.270: Funeral Procession; Driving Through Prohibited When
12.52.280: Driving Or Riding On Sidewalks
12.52.290: Driving On New Pavement Prohibited
12.52.300: Destructive Or Injurious Materials On Street
12.52.310: Interfering With Safe Operation Of Vehicle Prohibited
12.52.320: Tampering With Vehicles Prohibited
12.52.330: Attaching Sleds Or Toboggans To Vehicles Prohibited
12.52.340: Negligent Operation Causing Collision Prohibited
12.52.350: Reckless Driving; Prohibited
12.52.355: Negligent Operation Causing Personal Injury Or Death
12.52.360: Reckless Driving; Penalty