12.56.010: Application Of Chapter Provisions
12.56.020: Regulations Not Exclusive
12.56.040: Vehicles; Registration And Plates
12.56.050: Continuous Movement Required
12.56.060: Parking Signs Required
12.56.080: Procedure For Leaving Vehicle Unattended
12.56.100: Stopping Or Parking Upon Roadways
12.56.120: Parking For Persons With A Disability; Public Property
12.56.130: Parking For Persons With Disabilities
12.56.135: Parking For Persons With Disabilities; Out Of State Vehicles
12.56.140: Parking Meters; Definitions And Marking Of Spaces
12.56.150: Parking Meters; Installation And Enforcement
12.56.160: Parking Meters; Spaces And Time Limits
12.56.170: Parking Meters; Rates
12.56.180: Parking Meters; Restricted Spaces
12.56.190: Parking Meters; Overtime Parking Prohibited
12.56.200: Parking Meters; No Charge When
12.56.205: Parking Meters; No Charge For SLC Green Vehicles; Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
12.56.210: Parking Meters; Special Use Conditions And Fees
12.56.230: Parking Meters; Coins And Keys; Tampering Prohibited
12.56.235: Parking In More Than One Parking Space
12.56.240: Airport Parking; General Restrictions
12.56.250: Airport Parking; Signs And Markings
12.56.260: City Employee Parking; Areas Designated
12.56.270: City Employee Parking; Permit Required; Exception
12.56.280: City Employee Parking; Falsifying Permits Prohibited
12.56.290: City Employee Parking; Prohibited Activities
12.56.300: Residential Parking Lots Owned By The City
12.56.302: High School Parking Lots; Parking Permit Required
12.56.303: High School Parking Lot Regulations
12.56.304: No Parking Areas In High School Parking Lots
12.56.310: No Stopping Or Parking; Color Markings And Signs
12.56.320: Loading Zones And Restricted Parking; Designation And Signs
12.56.325: Loading Zones And Restricted Parking; Special Use Conditions And Fees
12.56.330: Freight Curb Loading Zones
12.56.340: Public Carrier And Bus Stands
12.56.350: Buses And Ground Transportation Providers; Parking Restrictions
12.56.360: Buses And Taxicabs; Stand Use Restrictions
12.56.370: Taxicab Stands; Establishment And Signs
12.56.375: Car Sharing Parking Establishment And Signs
12.56.380: Restricted Parking Zones
12.56.390: Parking In Alleys
12.56.400: Parking Contiguous To Schools
12.56.410: One-Way Roadway Restrictions
12.56.420: Double Parking, Standing Or Stopping
12.56.430: Stopping, Standing Or Parking; Roadways Without Curb
12.56.440: Stopping, Standing Or Parking; Prohibited In Certain Areas
12.56.450: Time Limited Parking On Certain Streets
12.56.460: Streets; Parking Prohibited At All Times
12.56.465: Prohibited Parking For Restricted Vehicles
12.56.470: Streets; Parking Prohibited During Certain Hours
12.56.480: Parking Prohibited; Locations
12.56.490: Obstructing Traffic By Parking Prohibited
12.56.500: Parking On Sidewalk Area Prohibited
12.56.515: Neighborhood Parking Limitations
12.56.520: Using Streets For Storage Prohibited
12.56.525: Using Streets For Storage Of Motor Homes, Boats And Trailers Prohibited
12.56.530: Parking Violation; Owner's Responsibility
12.56.540: Moving Illegally Parked Vehicles; Police Authority
12.56.550: Unauthorized Use Of Streets, Parking Lots And Other Areas; Penalties
12.56.560: Unauthorized Use Of Streets; Strict Liability Of Owner
12.56.570: Unauthorized Use Of Streets; Appeal Procedures
12.56.580: Parking At Underground Parking Lot Of Library Square; Rates
12.56.590: Parking Exemption For Official Vehicles
12.56.595: Business Parking Permit
12.56.600: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations; Rates