A.   Definitions:
   PARKING METER: Means and includes any device through which an individual can purchase authorization from the city to park a vehicle in a parking space for a designated period of time.
   PARKING METER ZONE: Those streets or portions of streets within which the parking of vehicles shall be controlled, regulated and inspected with the aid and use of parking meters.
   PARKING SPACE: A designated area set aside for the parking of vehicles upon a street, which area shall be identified by a line, signage or other traffic markings, and shall be of sufficient size to permit the parking of only one vehicle, or not more than two (2) motorcycles. For purposes of this chapter, the term "parking space" specifically refers to those parking spaces in which a vehicle may only be parked for a limited period of time or for which authorization to park must be purchased from the city.
   PARKING TOKEN: A token authorized by the city to be used in a city parking meter in order to purchase authorization to park a vehicle in a specific parking space for a designated period of time.
   B.   Parking Spaces To Be Marked: The transportation engineer shall establish and designate parking spaces by signage or by painted lines upon the surface of the roadway or pavement and/or curbing. (Ord. 9-17, 2017)