A.   A vehicle shall not park in any parking spot designated for the parking of persons with disabilities unless the vehicle bears a license plate for persons with disabilities or a transferable motor vehicle identification windshield placard displayed as required in section 41-1a-420 of the Utah code or its successor section. This restriction shall apply to and be enforceable upon all property where parking is open to the general public, whether parking is provided to the general public for free or for a fee.
   B.   Any law enforcement agency authorized to enforce parking laws and regulations in Salt Lake City may appoint volunteers to act as its agents to issue parking citations for violations of this section or any other city law or regulation which prescribes a penalty for illegal parking at any parking spot properly designated for the exclusive use of persons with disabilities. A parking citation issued by a volunteer properly appointed under this section has the same force and effect as a citation issued for the same offense by a peace officer or parking enforcement officer authorized to enforce parking laws and regulations in Salt Lake City.
   C.   A volunteer appointed under this section must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. The law enforcement agency appointing a volunteer under authority of this section may establish any other qualification or criteria for the appointment of such volunteer.
   D.   A volunteer appointed under this section may not issue a parking citation until the volunteer has received training regarding the proper issuance of parking citations from the appointing law enforcement agency. (Ord. 9-17, 2017)