A.   Parking spaces may be used without charge on all days of the week between eight o'clock (8:00) P.M. and eight o'clock (8:00) A.M., and during all hours on Saturdays and on Sundays and holidays as enumerated in subsection B of this section. With regard to parking at parking spaces on Saturdays, when signs or traffic markings are erected or placed by the direction of the City Transportation Engineer limiting the duration of such parking, no person shall park a vehicle or permit such vehicle to remain parked for longer than the time specified, between the hours shown upon any street, parts of a street, or roadway.
   B.   1. The word "holiday" means:
         a.   Every Sunday;
         b.   January 1, called New Year's Day;
         c.   The third Monday of January, called Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday;
         d.   The third Monday of February, called Presidents' Day;
         e.   The last Monday in May, called Memorial Day;
         f.   July 4, called Independence Day;
         g.   July 24, called Pioneer Day;
         h.   The first Monday in September, called Labor Day;
         i.   The second Monday of October, called Columbus Day;
         j.   November 11, called Veterans Day;
         k.   The fourth Thursday of November, called Thanksgiving Day; and
         l.   December 25, called Christmas.
      2.   When July 4, July 24, November 11 or December 25 falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be considered the legal holiday, and no other day shall be considered a holiday. (Ord. 9-17, 2017)