(A)   Each new employee shall be given an orientation on the job of the nature, purposes and programs of the department and the administrative policies adopted by the county. Each department head shall maintain a copy of all personnel policies so that should questions arise appropriate policies are available for review.
   (B)   The County Judge/Executive and department heads shall provide in-service training for regular full-time employees.
   (C)   The department heads, with the County Judge/Executive’s concurrence, may permit or direct the attendance of employees at meetings, conferences, workshops or seminars intended to improve the knowledge, abilities and skills of county employees.
   (D)   (1)   Training shall include the following areas at a minimum:
         (a)   Orientation of new employees;
         (b)   Position specific (the job position/title as appointed);
         (c)   Safety training department specific as well as general safety;
         (d)   Employee standards of conduct training; and
         (e)   Career developmental training designed to improve job knowledge and productivity.
      (2)   Note: training may be accomplished on site or at organized training seminars provided by educational institutions, the commonwealth, federal government or other means.
   (E)   Attendance and participation in training arranged or provided by the county is mandatory and a condition of employment. The county will make every effort to provide training at reasonable times and with the convenience of the employee in mind. Training expenses will be paid by the county, including travel, lodging, registration and course materials. However, all course materials remain the property of the county to be maintained by the employee. Unless an emergency situation exists, if an employee registers for training and fails to attend or cancel the registration due to their inability to attend and the county is unable to get reimbursed for the registration fee(s), the employee will be responsible to reimburse the county for the registration fee(s). This will also include any hotel reservations that the county is responsible to pay.
   (F)   Each employee shall sign certification that he or she has been given an opportunity to review §§ 30.035 through 30.101 of this chapter and received orientation on their job.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 3.61)