It is the policy of County Fiscal Court to provide services to the people of the county year-round; however, there are situations that may arise due to the needs of public safety where the Fiscal Court and/or judicial operations may need to be reduced or closed, including, but not limited to, weather, floods, natural disasters and the like. This policy shall cover those situations and address employee leave when Fiscal Court is closed or operations are curtailed because of hazards or other emergencies.
   (A)   In the event of adverse weather conditions where travel to and from work may jeopardize the safety of employees, county offices may be closed at the direction of the County Judge/Executive. Notification of closure shall be posted on the social media page, the county’s webpage and publicized on television. Essential employees shall report to work as required at their regular rate of pay. Essential employees consist of Road Department, Fire Department and Maintenance Department employees.
   (B)   The County Judge/Executive may defer his or her authority for closure of the Courthouse building to the Chief Circuit Judge. If the County Judge/Executive has deferred his or her authority to the Chief Circuit Judge and, if the Chief Circuit Judge cancels Courthouse operations, he or she may also close the Courthouse.
   (C)   If county offices remain open but an employee cannot travel to and from work due to unsafe conditions, the employee shall use accrued leave time. Employees must notify their supervisors that they will be unable to make it to work within one hour of the time their shift begins. Essential employees shall contact and coordinate with their supervisor or department head.
   (D)   If an employee cannot report to work and notifies their supervisor or department head of their intent to use accrued leave, but the County Judge/Executive closes the offices early, the employee must still use accrued time for the entire work day. Employees that report to work prior to the County Judge/Executive closing the offices will be paid for the entire work day as other paid leave.
   (E)   In the event the County Judge/Executive notifies that the offices will be closed the following day, non-essential employees will be paid for the entire day in which the offices are closed; provided, however, that, those employees who were scheduled to take off shall take their leave as previously requested.
   (F)   Employees of the Road Department are considered essential employees. Due to the Road Department’s unique work and responsibilities, Road Department essential employees shall be paid a rate of one and one-half hours for all emergency work during non-working hours. An emergency shall include, but not be limited to, snow and ice, tornadoes, floods and natural disasters. If the emergency work falls on a holiday, Road Department essential employees shall be paid double their normal rate of pay.
   (G)   Other employees may be deemed essential by the County Judge/Executive depending upon the circumstances.
   (H)   If the County Judge/Executive requires the Maintenance Department to report to work during an emergency, they will be paid according to division (F) above.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 3.54)