(A)   An orientation will be made available to all new employees as soon as they are hired. The orientation will consist of an overall orientation of county government and policies conducted by the County Judge/Executive or a designee. As soon as assigned to the specific department with the vacancy, the new employee shall be given further orientation by the department head. This orientation will address the internal policies, job description and expectations of the department head and the employee’s first line supervisor.
   (B)   The orientation performed by the County Judge/Executive’s office shall consist of at least the following:
      (1)   Explanation of the management policies and administrative procedures;
      (2)   Compensation schedule and employee benefits;
      (3)   Copy of this chapter and departmental policies;
      (4)   Reiteration of job duties per job description; and
      (5)   Other elements deemed appropriate.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 3.8)