(A)   Promotions. In considering the filling of a vacancy, current employees who meet job requirements shall be considered for the position. If the County Judge/Executive determines the needs of the county are best served by employment of external candidates, he or she may recommend the appointment to Fiscal Court that is in the county’s best interest.
   (B)   Transfers.
      (1)   The county may fill vacancies by transferring any current employee; provided that, the employee meets or exceeds the job requirements for the position(s) they are being transferred to. The Fiscal Court shall be notified contemporaneously of any transfer to which position the employee is being transferred to.
      (2)   Transfer requests from employees will be treated like applications for employment in that the county will select the most qualified individual to fill the vacancy. Personnel who have requested transfer to vacant positions within the county will also have to compete with applicants who have applied for the vacant position. Additionally, the County Judge/Executive will ensure that any transfer granted will be in the best interest of the county and will not have an adverse affect on the losing department.
   (C)   Open application policy. The county shall accept applications for employment at any time during regular business hours. Current employees may apply for vacant positions within the county; provided, they meet the qualifications requested by the hiring authority. If the County Judge/Executive determines that a new hire is in the best interest of the county, he or she may advertise to fill the vacancy and select the most qualified candidate from the applications received. If an individual is not selected for whatever reason, his or her application will be maintained on file with the Fiscal Court for six months. Should a situation arise where the County Judge/Executive needs to fill a vacancy, those applications on file can be used to select an individual to fill a vacant position; provided, the applicant is qualified for the position.
   (D)   Recruitment. If determined by the County Judge/Executive that it would be in the best interest of the county to obtain a larger pool of candidates for a position opening, the County Judge/Executive may simultaneously post position openings internally as well as advertise publicly. Any such public recruitment shall be in accordance with § 30.056 of this chapter.
   (E)   Hiring list.
      (1)   To address vacancies which may arise in the County Fire Department, the county shall maintain a Fire Department hiring list containing the eligible candidates. Eligibility shall be based upon uniform testing scores obtained from the Fire Department test, which shall be administered annually and no later than October 1, or as soon as practical thereafter.
      (2)   The list shall be maintained for a period of 12 months, unless approval by the County Judge/Executive is granted for an extension. In the event a candidate is unavailable, the list is insufficient or other needs arise which require testing, the Department shall permit additional testing for candidates, with the approval of the Judge/Executive and notice to the Fiscal Court.
   (F)   Temporary, part-time employee. In the event an emergency situation arises, the County Judge/Executive may hire a part-time employee on a temporary basis until the situation has been resolved. The Fiscal Court shall be notified contemporaneously of the new hire.
   (G)   Applications reviewed.
      (1)   Applications for part-time, temporary or seasonal park employees shall be reviewed by the Park Director and Human Resources Director.
      (2)   If applicants are qualified for the vacant positions and funding is available in the budget, they shall be considered for hire and a list of the recommended candidates shall be provided to the Fiscal Court at the next scheduled Court meeting.
      (3)   The maximum number of eligible part-time, temporary or seasonal park employees shall not be limited to a maximum number of positions due to scheduling requirements.
      (4)   A background check and drug screening shall be required prior to hire.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 3.21)