(A)   No person may be appointed to a position unless verified information on an official employment application indicates that he or she meets the qualifications for the position as set forth in the class specification.
   (B)   In the event the position to be filled is a department head or supervisor, the Judge/Executive and at least one magistrate shall review the proposed job description, salary and qualifications and the Judge/Executive shall make any changes necessary prior to the notice of vacancy. At least one magistrate will assist the County Judge/Executive in conducting the interviews. In the event that the vacancy is for a staff position, the department head shall prepare and present to the Judge/Executive a proposed job description and qualifications, and the Judge/Executive shall make any necessary changes prior to the notice of vacancy. (Refer to KRS 67.710(7).)
   (C)   (1)   The qualifications of an applicant for a position shall be ascertained on the basis of one or more of the following:
         (a)   Information the applicant supplies on the official employment application;
         (b)   Written, performance or physical tests or examinations, or any combination, which may be required by the County Judge/Executive;
         (c)   A joint personal interview conducted first by the department head whose organization has the vacancy and the County Judge/Executive or designee. If needed, a second interview will be conducted prior to official notification and offer to the applicant. Once the applicant accepts the offer of employment, the County Judge/Executive will request approval from the Fiscal Court to hire the applicant;
         (d)   Information and evaluations supplied by the references given by the applicant; or
         (e)   Other appropriate information as determined.
      (2)   The county will conduct background investigations on all applicants for employment prior to an offer being made.
   (D)   All candidates for employment shall have at the time of hire a minimum education of a high school diploma or GED. The Court may waive this requirement.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 3.24)