(A)   All personnel initially appointed, rehired, transferred or promoted to an established position shall be on probation status for six months. The probation period may be extended by the County Judge/Executive, at his or her discretion, or upon the department head’s recommendation, for up to one year.
   (B)   Any employee who has already served an initial probation period and is promoted or transferred to a new position shall be in a transfer probationary status and may be reinstated without right of appeal to the position from which they were promoted or transferred or to a comparable position.
   (C)   A new employee may be dismissed without right of appeal during the original probation period at any time.
   (D)   Benefits including, but not limited to, retirement, health insurance, life insurance, vacation, sick and other leave, are provided to full-time eligible employees. Health and life insurance benefits will be in effect in accordance with rules of the provider, but shall begin as soon as practical after hire.
   (E)   A new employee is not eligible for a pay increase until he or she has successfully completed his or her six-month probationary period. Upon completion of his or her probationary period, the employee may be eligible for the annual CPI authorized by the County Fiscal Court subject to the recommendation of the department head and availability of funding in the budget and will begin the next payroll following successful completion of the probationary period.
      (1)   The Fire Department has its own compensation plan and is exempt from this division (E).
      (2)   The Road Department provides a 3% increase upon successful completion of the employee’s six-month probationary period and receipt of his or her CDL license therefor would be exempt from this division (E).
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 3.25)