(A)   In the classification plan incorporated as part of this chapter:
      (1)   Each position shall, on the basis of the duties and responsibilities of the position, be allocated to an appropriate category with specified classes;
      (2)   A class shall include one or more positions;
      (3)   Each class shall have a specification that includes:
         (a)   Concise, descriptive title;
         (b)   Description of the duties and responsibilities of each position in the class; and
         (c)   Statement of the physical requirements and qualifications, including skills, knowledge, abilities, experience and educational qualifications or requirements for each position.
      (4)   All positions in a single class shall be sufficiently alike to permit:
         (a)   The use of a single descriptive title for the class;
         (b)   A description of the duties in the class;
         (c)   The same qualifications for each position;
         (d)   The use of the same pay range to each position; and
         (e)   Applications of the same pay range to each position.
      (5)   All job descriptions shall set forth those duties that are essential.
   (B)   At least once each year, the County Judge/Executive shall:
      (1)   Review the duties and responsibilities of each class; and
      (2)   Recommend and consider on the basis of the review the reclassification of positions, the creation of new classes and the abolition of one or more existing classes.
   (C)   Whenever the duties of a position change so that no appropriate class for it exists, the County Judge/Executive shall:
      (1)   Prepare an appropriate class specification for it; and
      (2)   Submit it to the Fiscal Court for approval of reclassification.
   (D)   Reclassification of a position may not be used to circumvent demotion, promotion or compensation procedures and requirements.
   (E)   The County Judge/Executive may create a new position with the approval of the Fiscal Court. In creating a new position, the County Judge/Executive shall:
      (1)   Describe in detail the position’s duties and responsibilities;
      (2)   Suggest minimum entrance qualifications for the position; and
      (3)   Allocate the position to an appropriate class or create an appropriate class for the position, if necessary.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 3.11)