(A)   The county pays for one single health insurance policy for each employee unless the premium exceeds the amount set by Fiscal Court. In the event an employee is out of work due to illness, regardless of cause, the county limits the payments of the health insurance premium for a period not to exceed 12 weeks.
   (B)   Benefits are as set forth in the carrier contract.
   (C)   Employees are covered under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Act of 1986 (COBRA). In summary, COBRA provides that each qualified beneficiary who would lose coverage under the group health plan as a result of a qualifying event is entitled, under the plan, to elect, within the election period, continuation coverage under the plan at his or her expense for a limited time. This summary statement is not intended to supplant the Act. All rights are set forth in the Act and should be consulted for official decisions. The payroll administrator can facilitate this process.
   (D)   No other medical benefit is implied.
(Ord. 4-2014, passed 7-31-2014, § 3.55)