110.01   Definitions
Billiards or Pool Halls and Bowling Alleys
   110.05   License required
   110.06   Hours of operation
   110.07   Age limit
   110.08   Orderly operation
   110.09   Ineligibility for license; revocation
   110.10   Finding of fitness
   110.11   Fee
   110.12   Fee for additional establishment
   110.13   Appeal
Car Lots and Displays
   110.15   Car lots
   110.20   Enforcement by Chief of Police
   110.21   License required
   110.22   Regulations for issuing licenses
Amusement Devices
   110.25   License for pinball and amusement machines
   110.26   License fee
   110.27   Application for licenses
   110.28   (Reserved)
   110.29   Type of machine for which license is granted
   110.30   Age limit
   110.31   Displaying license
   110.32   Approval required to move machine
   110.33   Revocation
   110.34   Orderly operation
Motor Racing and Outdoor Motor Events
   110.40   Motor racing and outdoor motor events
Public Picnics; Public Amusements
   110.55   Permit; written notice
   110.56   Fees
Door-to-Door Solicitors
   110.60   Commercial door-to-door solicitation
   110.61   Application for permit
   110.62   Verification; issuance
   110.63   Fees
   110.64   Permit to be carried; identification
   110.65   (Reserved)
   110.66   (Reserved)
   110.67   (Reserved)
   110.68   Revocation of permit
   110.69   Appeal
   110.70   (Reserved)
   110.71   Non-commercial solicitation
   110.72   “No Solicitation” signs posted
   110.73   Solicitors permitted to certain hours of the day
   110.74   Ice cream vendors to use bell only
Vehicles for Hire
   110.75   Public vehicle license fee
   110.76   Application for public vehicle license
   110.77   Issuance of license
   110.78   Periodic inspection of vehicle
   110.79   Liability insurance required
   110.80   Extent of liability coverage
   110.81   Autos for hire not to solicit business on streets
   110.82   Service to be rendered on demand
   110.83   Identification, painting and lettering of taxicabs
   110.84   Fare rates
   110.85   Rates of fare; autos for hire
   110.86   Rates of fare; regulation
   110.87   Transfer of license
   110.88   Taxicab stands
   110.89   Revocation of license
   110.90   License required for cab drivers
Budget Service Companies
   110.100   License required; fee
   110.101   Application for license
   110.102   Bond required
   110.103   Denial or revocation of license
   110.104   Conduct of licensee
   110.105   Records; examination, impoundment
   110.106   Appeal
Intoxicating Liquors
   110.110   Definitions
   110.111   Restrictions applicable to sale of beer or intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises
   110.112   Alcohol vaporizing devices prohibited
   110.113   Restrictions on sale of beer and liquor
   110.114   Illegal transportation prohibited
   110.115   Open container prohibited
   110.116   Underage person shall not purchase intoxicating liquor or beer
   110.117   Manufacturing, selling, or distributing unauthorized identification cards
   110.118   Posting of card
   110.119   Good faith acceptances of spurious identification
   110.120   Obstructing search of premises prohibited
   110.121   Illegal possession of intoxicating liquor prohibited
   110.122   Prohibition against sale or possession of diluted liquor and refilled containers
   110.123   Keeping place where beer or intoxicating liquors are sold in violation of law
   110.124   Intoxicating liquors shall not be sold in brothels
   110.125   Use of intoxicating liquor in a public dance hall prohibited; exceptions
   110.126   Poisonously adulterated liquors
   110.127   Tavern keeper permitting rioting or drunkenness
   110.128   Place where beer or intoxicating liquor is sold declared a nuisance
   110.129   Procedure when injunction violated
   110.130   Sales of low-alcohol beverages to minors prohibited
   110.131   Use of false identification
Video Service Authorization
   110.140   VSP fee
   110.141   VSP fee notice provision
   110.142   CPB management authorization
   110.143   CPB regulatory authorization
   110.144   VSP community service fee
   110.145   VSP access provision
   110.146   Access programming requirements
   110.147   Fee payment requirements
   110.148   PEG origination point
   110.149   Notice requirement
   110.150   Application to incumbent cable providers
   110.999   Penalty