No licensee shall permit or allow dancing upon his licensed premises until he shall have first obtained a dance permit approved by the City Council of the City of Flint and unless he conforms in every particular to the rules and regulations governing sale of alcoholic beverages at retail establishments by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission as such rules and regulations are presently constituted or as they may hereafter be amended. The permit provided for herein shall be personal to the licensee and shall be limited to the premises as described in this ordinance, and upon a change of ownership, a new dance permit fee shall be required. If the license hereunder shall change location, then there shall be no fee except as provided in § 6-14 of this ordinance. The dance permit provided for herein shall not extend to premises required to be licensed pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 8 of this Code. The fee for the permit provided for herein shall be as prescribed in Chapter 26 of this Code and said permit shall expire on April 30 of each year.
(Ord. 590, passed 7-5-1945; Ord. 1743, passed 11-20-1963)
   Public dance halls, see §§ 8-34 et seq.