For the purpose herein, the following definitions apply:
   DANCE LICENSING BOARD. The Board hereinafter provided for.
   PRIVATE DANCE.  A dance to which the general public is not invited, permitted, or allowed to attend. Persons attending a PRIVATE DANCE must have been specifically invited or requested to attend, either orally or in writing, by the person or persons sponsoring said dance and the person or persons sponsoring same must be able to submit, on request, to the person charged with enforcement of this ordinance, a written list setting forth each and every person, by name, entitled to attend said dance. Any such dance shall conclusively be presumed not to be private in nature if announcements relative to same are posted in any public location in the City of Flint or if announcements thereof appear in the news media.
   PUBLIC DANCE.  Any dance or dancing activity to which members of the general public may gain admission with or without payment of a charge or fee.
   PUBLIC DANCE HALL.  A place to which the public is invited, requested, permitted or allowed to attend, and at which dancing is allowed or permitted.
   TEENAGE DANCE.  Any public dance to which admission is restricted to persons less than 20 years of age.
(Ord. 2057, passed 6-3-1968)