All applications for license to sell alcoholic liquors for consumption on the premises in the City, shall be made in the manner and form as required by the City Council, acting on resolution from time to time, or as may be required by the Chief of Police. The application shall be completely filled in by ink or typewriter in duplicate, and shall be sworn to by all applicants before the City Clerk or one of the Deputy City Clerks. The application above referred to shall pertain to City approval only and shall be in addition to the applications required by the Liquor Control Commission. The City Clerk shall forthwith refer the application to the office of the Chief of Police who shall cause a thorough investigation to be made of the persons and premises involved in the application and report his findings and conclusions to the City Council. Approval of the City Council shall require a majority vote of the members elect thereof.
(Ord. 590, passed 7-5-1945; Ord. 3170, passed 5-28-1991)