Any terms used in this article which are defined in MCLA §§ 436.1 through 436.58 shall for all the purposes of this article have the same meaning and use as established by such statutory definitions (except as herein provided). In addition to the above definitions so provided by reference, for the purpose of this article, the following terms used in this article shall be construed as follows, unless the contents hereof shall otherwise require:
   CHURCH.  Any permanent building or part thereof regularly used by any religious organization, group or society, for the purpose of assembling for worship.
   GOOD MORAL CHARACTER.  Shall be construed to mean the propensity on the part of the person to serve the public in the licensed area in a fair, honest and open manner.
   LICENSEE.  Those persons licensed to engage in the sale of alcoholic liquors at retail, including consumption on the premises.
   MINOR.  All persons under twenty-one (21) years.
   NEW LICENSE.  All licenses issued for the sale of alcoholic liquor at retail, including consumption on the premises, at locations not previously licensed. The term shall include all transfers of locations.
   PARK. Any open area dedicated to use by the general public for recreational purposes.
   PLAYGROUND.  Any regularly maintained athletic field or stadium, or place regularly used in connection with any school, either public or parochial school system.
   SCHOOL.  Any building or portion thereof regularly used for the teaching of pupils in the public or parochial school system.
(Ord. 590, passed 7-5-1945; Ord. 1174, passed 4-5-1954; Ord. 2694, passed 2-12-1979; Ord. 2885, passed 9-12-1983; Ord. 2935, passed 1-28-1985)