(a)   No person shall dispose of refuse or other waste materials by open burning, or cause or permit open burning of refuse or other waste materials except where permitted.
   (b)   No person shall maintain an open fire except as follows.
      (1)   Fire for noncommercial cooking of food for human consumption. Such fire shall be fueled by charcoal or propane gas only.
      (2)   Fire for training personnel in methods of fire fighting upon notification by writing to the Director.
      (3)   Fires for other essential purposes for which written approval has been granted by the Director.
   (c)   Violation of this section shall be a municipal civil infraction punishable by a fine pursuant to §§ 1-10 through 1-21.
(Ord. 2494, passed 5-12-1975; Ord. 3623, passed 9-13-2004)