No person shall cause or permit the emission of any fugitive air contaminant into the outdoor atmosphere from any air contaminant source whatsoever, including but not limited to vehicular movement, transportation of materials, construction, alteration, demolition, or wrecking, or commercially or industrially related activities such as loading, unloading, storing or handling of materials, without taking reasonable precautions to prevent such emission. Whenever any fugitive air contaminant escapes from a building or equipment in such manner and amount as to cause a nuisance or to violate § 4-9 or any other provisions of this ordinance, the Director may order that the building or equipment in which a processing, handling and storage are done be tightly closed and ventilated in such a way that the air contaminant leaving the building or equipment is treated by abatement process before discharge into the outdoor atmosphere.
(Ord. 2494, passed 5-12-1975)