Editor's note:
   This Part consists of the Village Charter, passed by the General Assembly of the State of Illinois and approved by the Governor on March 29, 1869. A uniform system of capitalization has been employed and the editors have supplied catchlines to the individual sections. A frontal analysis has been provided for the convenience of the user.
   This Charter has been modified in certain respects by general law and should be read with this in view. Particular attention should be directed to the provisions of the "Illinois Municipal Code," codified as sections 1-1-1 to 11-149-2, chapter 24, Illinois Revised Statutes, 1963.
Article I.
Of Boundaries and General Powers.
   § 1.   Incorporation; seal.
   § 2.   Boundaries.
   § 3.   General powers.
Article II.
Of the Council and President.
   § 1.   Generally.
   § 2.   Qualifications of members.
   § 3.   Oath of members.
   § 4.   Council to judge qualifications, etc., of members and determine contested elections.
   § 5.   Quorum.
   § 6.   Rules of proceedings; punishment and expulsion of members.
   § 7.   Journal.
   § 8.   Member not to hold other office or make, etc., contracts with council, etc.
   § 9.   Annual statement of receipts and expenditures.
   § 10.   Tied elections generally.
   § 11.   Meetings–generally.
   § 12.   Same–President to preside, etc.
   § 13.   Powers, etc., of president generally.
   § 14.   Additional powers and duties of president.
Article III.
Of Elections and Officers.
   § 1.   When elections held; officers to be elected; vacancies.
   § 2.   Hours polls to be open; notices of elections; election judges and clerks; conduct, etc., of elections; certificates of election, etc.
   § 3.   Qualifications of voters and officers; elections to be by ballot, manner of deciding tie votes.
   § 4.   Certain officers to take oath and give bond.
   § 5.   Collector and assessor generally.
   § 6.   Street commissioner generally.
   § 7.   Marshal and policemen generally; resisting arrest, etc.
   § 8.   Police magistrate.
   § 9.   Police, etc., constables.
Article IV.
Powers of Council.
   § 1.   Taxes and assessments.
   § 2.   Issuance of bonds.
   § 3.   Appropriation of money, etc.
   § 4.   Appointment, etc., of officers and agents.
   § 5.   Prevention of contagious diseases, etc.; prevention, abatement, etc., of nuisances, etc.
   § 6.   Opening, extending, improving, vacating, etc., streets, alleys, etc.
   § 7.   Construction and repair of bridges, sidewalks, drains, sewers, etc.; street lighting, etc.
   § 8.   Protection, improvement, etc., of parks, etc.; planting, etc., trees along streets, etc.
   § 9.   Erection of public buildings.
   § 10.   Platting, numbering, etc., lots, etc.
   § 11.   Provide for, etc., village cemetery, etc.
   § 12.   Provide village with water, etc.
   § 13.   Fire prevention, etc.
   § 14.   Inspection of hay, grain, coal, lumber, butter, etc.; measurement of wood and fuel.
   § 15.   Establishment, etc., of markets, etc.
   § 16.   Regulation of storage of gunpowder, etc.; prevention of firing of guns, etc.
   § 17.   Regulations, etc., of animals generally.
   § 18.   Establishment, etc., of pound; appointment, etc., of poundmaster.
   § 19.   Compulsion of persons to fasten horses, etc., standing in street, etc; prevention of abuse of animals, horse racing, etc.
   § 20.   Regulation of chimneys, flues, partition walls and fences.
   § 21.   Prohibiting, etc., indecent exposure, etc.
   § 22.   Prevention, etc., of riots, disturbances of the peace, disorderly conduct, assaults, cockfighting, etc.; restraint and punishment of vagrants, beggars, prostitutes, etc.
   § 23.   Prevention, etc., of injury to property, trespass, petty pilfering, etc.
   § 24.   Licensing, regulation, etc., of theatrical, etc., exhibitions, shows, billiard tables, etc.
   § 25.   Licensing, regulation, etc., of certain enumerated businesses, occupations, etc.
   § 26.   Prohibiting, etc., dram shops, gambling houses, lotteries, bawdyhouses, etc.
   § 27.   Suppression, etc., of gambling, swindling, etc.
   § 28.   Establishment and regulation of village police, etc.
   § 29.   Establishment of rules and regulations for bathing, etc.
   § 30.   Establishment, etc., of railroad crossings; regulations of railroads, etc.
   § 31.   Taking village census; division of village into wards, etc.
   § 32.   Providing for prison, punishment for violation of ordinances, etc.
   § 33.   Passing and enforcing ordinances, etc.
Article V.
Taxes, General and Special.
   § 1.   Estimate of annual taxes required; procedure when estimate exceeds two per cent of assessed valuation of taxable property.
   § 2.   General assessment of taxable property.
   § 3.   Collection of taxes generally.
   § 4.   Judgment and sale of lands for delinquent taxes.
   § 5.   Redemption, etc., of lands sold for taxes.
   § 6.   Special assessments for streets, etc. - Generally.
   § 7.   Same-Proceedings after assessment roll filed, etc.
   § 8.   Procedure when general assessment not made.
Article VI.
   § 1.   Village designated a school district; powers of council with regard to schools generally.
   § 2.   Additional powers of council in connection with schools; sale, etc., of intoxicating liquors, etc., within village, etc.
   § 3.   Duties of superintendent.
   § 4.   School treasurer; school funds generally.
Article VII.
Miscellaneous Provisions.
   § 1.   Style of ordinances.
   § 2.   Ordinance, etc., book.
   § 3.   Ordinances to be posted; effective date of ordinances.
   § 4.   Proof of ordinances, etc.
   § 5.   Commencement of suits, action, etc.; arrest warrants.
   § 6.   Payment of fines, fees, etc.
   § 7.   Payments from village treasury generally.
   § 8.   Separate account of monies collected and paid out to be kept, etc.
   § 9.   Act declared public act; effective date.