This volume constitutes the first revision and codification of the general ordinances of the Village of Glencoe, Illinois, since 1929.  It contains the Charter and ordinances of a general and permanent nature passed on or before May 1, 1965, as were found desirable for retention, except those expressly saved from repeal by the Adopting Ordinance.
   A feature to which the attention of the user is directed is the arrangement of the chapters in alphabetical order.  Attention is also directed to the analysis preceding each chapter which, in many instances, will serve as an index within itself.  The general index, carried at the beginning of the Code, has been carefully prepared and will serve as an accurate medium for locating the individual sections of law within the Code. References to the Charter and the applicable state law will be found in the references appearing throughout the Code.  These notes also contain cross-references to other and related provisions in the Village Code itself.  By reference to the historical citations, appearing at the end of each section, the user will be able to ascertain the ordinance or the section of the 1929 Code from which the present section has been derived.  The absence of a citation indicates new material becoming effective on the effective date of the Code.
   It is a recognized fact that if any Code is to accomplish its intended purpose it must be kept up to date by means of an adequate supplemental service.
                                 Howard J. Roin
                                 Village President
                                 Philip A.Kiraly
                                 Village Manager
                                 Steven Elrod
                                 Village Attorney
                                 Wayne B. Addis
                                 Joel M. Greenberg
                                 Village Prosecutor