When any special assessment shall have been confirmed, the City Council shall direct the assessment so made to be collected. The Mayor and the City Clerk shall thereupon attach their warrant to the assessment roll commanding the City Treasurer to collect from each of the persons assessed in said assessment roll, the amount of money assessed to and set opposite his name and the description of the land assessed to him, and if any person named in said assessment roll shall neglect or refuse to pay his assessment or any part thereof upon demand after the same shall have become payable, then to levy and collect the same by distress and sale of the goods and chattels of such person. Such warrant shall require the City Treasurer, on May 1 following the date when any special assessment or any part thereof has become delinquent, to submit to the City Council a sworn statement of all assessments or parts thereof in said assessment roll which have become delinquent and are unpaid, a list of the names of the persons delinquent (if known), a description of the lot or lots or parcel or parcels of land upon which the assessments or any part thereof remain unpaid and the amount unpaid on each, inclusive of accrued interest and penalties. The assessment roll with the warrant attached shall then be delivered by the City Clerk to the City Treasurer.
(Ord. 2542, passed 1-26-1976)