All special assessment rolls reported by the Board of Special Assessors to the City Council shall be filed in the office of the City Assessor and numbered consecutively for each class of improvement. Before adopting any such assessment roll, the City Council shall cause ten days’ notice to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Flint, of the filing of the same with the City Assessor and appointing a time when the Board of Special Assessors will meet to review the special assessment, which notice may be in the following form:
Notice is hereby given that the Special Assessment Roll heretofore made by the Board of Special Assessors for the purpose of defraying the cost of (or that part of the cost which the City Council determined should be paid by a special assessment) for the (insert the objective of the assessment and the locality of the property assessed, in general terms) now on file in my office for public inspection, and that the Board of Special Assessors of the City of Flint will meet at my office in the City of Flint on                     the                 day of                                 , 20    , at                     o’clock in the   .m., Eastern Standard Time, to review said assessment at which time and place opportunity will be given to all persons interested, to be heard.
City Assessor
   Any person objecting to his assessment may file his objection thereto, in writing, with the City Assessor, or he may appear in person and state his objection to the Board of Special Assessors during the time said assessment roll is being reviewed.
(Ord. 2542, passed 1-26-1976)